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May 15 2011

Happy Birthday, David! Angel may never age, but Mr. Boreanaz turns 42 today.

David Boreanaz is just one more actor who worked with Joss and somehow manages to never age. I am waiting for the day the world is introduced to 'The Joss Whedon Fountain of Youth' in a bottle!

Happy Birthday, David! Hope you have a great day with your family! I look forward to seeing you on my TV for many more years to come!

And, as it happens, it's my birthday today, too!

Maybe Joss could send me a bottle of his fountain of youth formula? I hope it comes in Strawberry...
Happy Birthday to my favourite brooder and the man with the best sock collection in the world!!

And indeed to you Deanna_Lynne hope it's just as joyous and youth filled!
Buon compleanno David!!!!
Happy birthday David! I wish you all the best and I will watch some of your work today to celebrate!
Happy Birthday, Mr. Boreanaz! :)
Happy birthday, David!I wish you all the best and I hope to see you on TV for many many years!
Happy Birthday David Boreanaz!
Happy birthday David Boreanaz! Buon compleanno!

Happy birthday to you as well, Deanna_Lynne!
Happy Birthday to Mr. David Boreanaz!

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