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May 16 2011

Preview of NBC's upcoming show "Grimm". Written and produced by Buffy and Angel's David Greenwalt.

For more NBC previews, check here:

I assume the clip posted there is the same as the one linked to above. Grimm looks like it could be good. The preview isn't very exciting though.
Looks suitably dark and grim.

What? Somebody had to say it!
This show seems like it could have potential. I will give it a shot with Greenwalt behind it.
Looks intriguing, supernatural too? Well i'm now looking forward to many happy Fridays... no no strike that, many happy years watching this. Getting my hopes up as we speak, way high up, on stilts.
The series looks good but it's doomed to fail on Fridays. Both Supernatural and Fringe moved to Fridays and have done well (they're both returning next season, after all), but that's the difference---they were moved there, not launched there. Also, Grimm conflicts with Supernatural and Fringe so I might not even be able to DVR it (can't tape more than 2 shows at a time).
Actually, Fringe hasn't done well. It's numbers have been dropping. I'm not actually sure why it got renewed, but I am happy about it. I don't think it matters what day a show it on even though people always say that Fridays are a death knell. The truth is, serialized and genre shows ALWAYS do poorly. Chuck is on mondays and has been on the bubble forever. Nikita is on Thursdays and I hear its numbers aren't great. Lost's ratings kept declining over the course of the series. They're lucky they got that five season contract. People in general just do not tune in for shows that make you think or require long term commitment. Genre shows and sci fi tv in general still doesn't attract a large audience

I think most people just prefer easy tv like reality shoes or dance competitions, or any show that pretty much follows the same formula week after week(House, any cop show, etc.)
Fringe went from 2.x ratings to 1.2 on Friday night.
Has potential, aside from the bad soap opera-esque camera work in the hospital scene. I look forward to seeing more.

It looks great.
Nikita is on Thursdays and I hear its numbers aren't great.

I believe you're right in absolute terms, but I think to CW, Nikita has been very good in ratings and I dare to say, in scripts developments. It's the most elaborated show of that channel I have been watching. What, of course, don't say much ;)
GRIMM = shot in Portland.
@gossi, @Arkham258: Regardless of its ratings, Fringe is back for another season. A renewal in and of itself is a sign of success.
Fringe needs around a 1.5 for continued survival.
^^ It is surviving. It's coming back in the fall for a fourth season.
Continued survival. Meaning, next season.
I'm looking forward to this!
Yes, I would define high ratings as a sign of success

It's kind of sad really. Almost every show I watch in the past few years gets low to modest ratings. Nikita, Dollhouse, Chuck, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Fringe, Supernatural, etc. Meanwhile I see pointless shows like House, Dances with the Stars, a myriad of cooking shows, music competitions and fifty billion cop/detectice/ex-marine procedurals get all the ratings. All shows that are boring and predictable and honestly just not very stimulating to me at all. Well, House is alright but it's not must see tv. He's a cool character, but otherwise it's your basic hospital soap opera. Oh well.

Aside from internet forums like this, it's hard for me to even find people to discuss my favorite shows with. It's always American Idol this, Law and Order that, random reality tv show this, sports, sports, sports, yawn.....
And I'd define renewal as a sign of success.
Things are changing, week to week. It got renewed when it had better ratings (opened w/ 1.9 in that slot. Renewed on the week it dipped to 1.4, iirc). We'll see how it does when it returns. Terminator: TSCC was a success when it started; things change. Especially in TV. Fringe caught a lucky break, just like Dollhouse did.
Grimm looks promising, but who's bright idea was it to put it in the same time slot as Fringe?
@Jaymii, getting renewed for a fourth season is more than a "lucky break", neither Dollhouse nor T:TSCC made it past season 2.
Not sure how I would define "success" in tv, couse every time I think about Wonderfalls and Studio 60 having just semi seasons, while Smallville gets 10 I became a little depressed.

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