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May 17 2011

Television's best flashbacks. TV Guide's most memorable flashbacks includes Buffy's 'Fool for Love'.

The tag for the picture of Spike is "James Marsden photos." Honestly.
Plus other multiple typos in the description. I know it's "TV Guide" but aren't they still supposed to be a professional publication?
No love for 'A Trip to the Dentist'? Fanboyism aside its a brilliant episode based on flashbacks and the failings (intentional or not) of memory.
Definitely a high point of the genre, with the mirroring of past and present plus some deep insight into both our main characters; quite frankly, "Fool For Love" is absolutely vital to Season 5's plot and to the whole of the Buffy/Spike relationship ever after. "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been" is another grand one, setting the stage for Angel going dark without going evil, with some of the most perfect cuts between times...

Ashley, I agree -- although I love "An Echolls Family Christmas" even more.
Let me then third Ashley's suggestion of 'A Trip to the Dentist'. Outstanding episode of an excellent show. (I love 'An Echolls Family Christmas' too, but I don't remember it as distinctly as a flashback episode.)

'In the Shadow of Two Gunmen' (p.1&2) definitely are among the best flashback episodes too, IMO.


Futurama's 'The Luck of the Fryrish' comes to mind too.

Oh, and I agree 'Fool For Love' was very good. As were a great number of Whedonverse flashback eps, just to name a few truely excellent ones that immediately come to mind: 'Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been', 'Selfless', 'Out of Gas'.

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Fool for Love should have won Emmys for everyone. It was an amazing episode. The cutting back and forth, especially during the subway scene, magnificent.
You can't mention the excellence of Fool For Love without also nodding towards the episode of Angel that follows on from it. The way the identical scene in China plays out in a completely different tone and perspective is brilliant.
I'd add 'Farscape's "The Way we Weren't", "The Luck of the Fryrish" and (of course) "Out of Gas" but the list seems to avoid sci-fi. 'Fool for Love' is fantastic though, deserves its place too.

For a flashforward i've a huge soft spot for SG-1's "2010" - hoke turned up to 11 but just great fun (who can resist a "getting the band back together" plot-thread or a slo-mo last stand ?).
FFL has always has a place in my top 3 or 4 BtS eps. Brilliantly imagined, acted .... all around excellence.

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