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May 17 2011

'She has no head!' - Joss Whedon's Fray. Comics Should Be Good! examines the Future Slayer mini-series.

I can't believe they like Buffy season 8 better than Fray. Fray was awesome. Buffy season 8 started out awesome but couldn't keep up the quality. I suppose Fray might've progressed in a similar fashion if it was that long too but we'll never know.

Well unless Joss creates a Fray monthly...please Joss, pretty please? TOYL just wasn't enough Melaka for me. I need monthly stories about her. Or even better a tv series. Ok maybe thats asking too much.
At first read of Simon's description, I thought it meant that there was going to be a new Fray mini-series and I got really excited.

I pretty much agree with the reviewer's comments, except, like eddy, I find it strange that they thought S8 was better than Fray. It's kind of weird to try and compare the two, because Fray is so much shorter, but I would say Fray has much better pacing and is much more clearly thought out.

I hope we get to return to that world again someday.
Fray and Sugarshock were by far my favorite comics.
I love Fray. Love love love LOVE. I personally think Fray would make for an AWESOME animated series (of course, I've been on an anime kick lately, so I might be biased). Or live action. Or weekly shadow puppet show.

That said, I loved season 8 too, and Fray couldn't possibly have the same emotional impact, given that we've had 7 previous seasons to connect to the characters.
Yeah, that description is very misleading. Future Slayer mini-series

Anyway, no way is season 8 better than Fray. Season 8 had a lot of great stuff, but a lot of missteps too because Joss did too much with it. Fray is just a more polished and focused story. It's like when I compare Fringe to Lost. Fringe is focused and trimmed of any fat, Lost was bloated and convoluted

Less is more, one of my favorite sayings

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Future Slayer is canon-speak btw. Check the title of the tpb.
I'd love a live-action Fray series. W posted a question at Facebook asking who they'd like to see play the role and I can't think of anyone who has the chops, let alone the right look. I investigated some of the women I don't know who were suggested and they didn't have the fierce vibe Melaka Fray needs. The others did not look even close to 19. But I'm sure there is someone out there because Joss knows how to find 'em if he chose to do a series.

Anyway, Fray was an exciting read - I'd put it off for years. And it is so consistent with Joss' sensibilities; twisty-turny plus heartache. Oh yes, the heartache.
Thought Fray was great too and would love to see a sequel one day.Or a second sequel if you include the Time Of Your Life arc from season 8.
I remember when the limited edition hardcover came out, I was desparate to get it. I think it was signed as well.
That LE hardcover is super rare it seems. You rarely see it on ebay or even see it mentioned on the net.

I think Lyndsy Fonseca could be Fray(Alex on Nikita). Eliza could have done it too, but we already knew her as Faith and she'd be too old for the part now I guess. Other than that, I can't think of anyone
Does anyone know what Loeb's intro actually said? My 'Fray' is miles away at the moment...
Jeph Loeb Introduction: Citizen Joss

ETA: That doesn't go directly to the introduction but if you click on first pages, you'll find it.

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I've often thought that Fran Kranz would make an amazing Harth and maybe Portia de Rossi from Ally McBeal as Erin. I may have thought too much about casting, but damnit! I want this show.
Although completely stumped on who should be Fray herself, maybe an unknown?
And yeah, Fray trumps season 8 every time. I'm sorry, while I love(and I mean love!) season 8, I reread Fray just about every few weeks. It is beyond amazing. As a character she was the perfect blend of Faith and Buffy for being both headstrong and badass, yet responsible and a loyal leader. The plot was tight and the pacing was just the right blend of action and emotion to make you care for the characters, while never actually getting bored. It really was all kinds of perfect.
Buffy season 8 is better than Fray.
To me, Kristy Swanson should play Erin, since her visual was inspired by SMG, the first girl on the Buffy role could have another chance in the verse.
Brasilian Chaos Man, you are a genius! Good point. That would be an entirely mind blowing, earth shattering, time warming, brain breaker. The original Buffy sisters with the new slayer. How terribly meta.
That would be cool ... except at 42, Kristy Swanson is a little old to have a 19-year-old sister. I mean, if she had a kid in her early 20s, she could have a daughter about that age.

I think at some point gossi suggested Dichen Lachman as Fray, which could totally work.

I could also see Saoirse Ronan in the role. (She's a little young now, but this entirely hypothetical film adaptation probably couldn't happen for a couple of years anyway.)

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