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May 17 2011

ABC picks up Suburgatory, starring Alan Tudyk. The 1/2 hour comedy will air Wednesdays at 8:30PM.

That right there is unwieldy.
The series title makes me groan. Alan Tudyk also makes me groan..but in a good way, amiright?
It does't look very good. It may just be my anger about Cougar Town being mid-season'd, but I don't think I'll be checking it out.
Cougar Town will start in November (according to the showrunner) and gets a full 22 ep order. I wouldn't be too upset with that. I'm thrilled for the show. I love it.
I never watch comedies, but I'll give this one a try for Alan.
Yay Alan Tudyk!
Happy for The Tude and anything with him in gets a shot in my book, that aside quite a few 'meh's on there. 'Unforgettable' could be interesting (reminds me of the Borges story, 'Funes the Memorious'), albeit yet another defective detective (though female defective detectives are rarer), I just hope Kevin Rankin's involvement doesn't mean Devil will be leaving 'Justified' cos as secondary characters go I rate him.
jaxn, I actually said to myself, "I love the sound of the title", right before I read your comment. It is slightly cringeworthy, but I kind of like it. Also, it's very true. ;)

Happy for 'The Tude' and anything with him in gets a shot in my book, that aside quite a few 'meh's on there.

I vaguely recalled a discussion about The Tude before a cursory search of the same name brought me to this, Saje. So just over six months on, what's the word on its viral proliferation? ;)

In all seriousness, I love Alan Tudyk so I'm happy that he's landed the job.
Currently, all around the world there're literally people* using it cardea, albeit not on a regular basis so it's ticking along nicely, about on a par with Smallpox**.

* I'm assuming that neither of us are intelligent machines, aliens or (for plural purposes) the same person.

** though more Smallpox now rather than in e.g. 14th century Europe.
I feel like this should be a Star Wars moment: Saje, I am you.


Always with the fine print. Well, you can refer to users in the plural form, so that must be an achievement. Though, really, when you think about it, this strangely resembles the original head count.

And for the purpose of getting back on topic - Alan Tudyk/The Tude back on TV = a better world.
Saje, I am you.

Nooooooooo, you are not my me ! *leaps off into the void. One handed 'n' all*
Looks awful, imo.

Most of the new shows coming through don't look very good.

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