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May 17 2011

"What Would Buffy Do?" music video. A new Buffy inspired YouTube music video. Pretty neat I'd say.

Oh my god. It's Kristina Horner from 5 Awesome Girls. Well, actually... that's not all that surprising. Good find.
The line about beating the "uber-suck" is pretty excellent.
I loved this. I am totally out of touch. What is 5 Awesome Girls? The only problem is that on the page where you see the video there are links to more videos and I found myself totally lost in BA love. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Does anybody know if I can save any of the those videos to my computer? How do you do it? I have a Mac.
I wish I had known about 5 Awesome Girls when it was still being produced. :(

There has been a big influx of nerdy music videos on YouTube in the last year or so, it seems like. Kristina Horner, Luke Conard and Jason Munday are good sources of it. I love YouTube so much. xD
Very loyal to the show, loved it. Also appreciate that the high schoolers actually look like they're in high school.
It's incredibly well put together. I love fan stuff like this.
Yaaaaaay, Kristina ! Love ALL CAPS. Love Parselmouths. Love 5 Awesome Girls.
I loved all the little allusions to the show -- the Willow & Xander analogues, obviously, but also the near-replication of Buffy's costumes (including, apparently, Riley's jacket... that was a bit weird), and above all Buffy's hair-flip.

popgoestheshelby, I agree -- so much so that for a moment I thought they were actually middle schoolers. (That's ages 12-14 for all you international or junior-high types.) I think they make the next generation smaller every time...

The end of the "plot" was pretty realistic, too. In my experience bullies do back off when confronted by bystanders, even if they leave laughing at you.
LOVE IT! I saw this before it was posted on Whedonesque because I've been following Kristina on Youtube for 3 or 4 years now. I found her through my Harry Potter obsession and I've been watching her videos ever since!

This was definitely very well put together! I especially like Buffy and Willow's costumes. It's great to know that so many Whedonesquers are also Nerdfighters and HP fans!
That was a nice homage to River punching a Reaver, too. Great video!
I love Kristina Horner and this is an awesome video!! She's been teasing us about it through her Twitter for a few weeks now.

For Harry Potter fans, Kristina is from Wizard Rock band, The Parselmouths, plus she has a geeky band called ALL CAPS (with her boyfriend Luke Conard, from Wizard Rock band Ministry of Magic). Check them out, they are awesome and stuff.
Loved it, but I need to remember not to look at YouTube comments. Someone tries to deliver a project that's upbeat and positive... ah well. Beat the uber suck - what a great lyric.

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That was a nice homage to River punching a Reaver, too. Great video!

The guy on the receiving end of the punch is Jimmy Wong. He's awesome too.
Hah, pretty crap song but I love the sentiment!
I am surprised and pleased that so many of you watch the same YouTube channels that I do. I think Kristina is great, and I enjoyed the video as well.

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