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May 18 2011

Beauty And The Beard. Red Sox fan Eliza Dushku having a bit of fun with Kevin Youkilis at a recent game at Fenway. Eliza Tweets that this was part of an ESPN shoot.

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2011-05-18 21:13 ]

Whatever you do, don't read the comments after the article. I had no idea that all Sox fans were disgusting 14 year old boys.
Yes, because all Sox fans are present on that one blog post.
FWIW, picture actually courtesy the Boston Red Sox and it was during a shoot for ESPN.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2011-05-18 19:51 ]
My bad.

But then again I rather give Surviving Grady the hits over anyway.
Flipped link to larger/original pic and to avoid nasty comments.
Thanks, zeitgeist. It's a great photo.

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