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May 18 2011

Jane Espenson to work on 'Once Upon a Time'. The series was picked up by ABC this week for the fall. The show brings fairytale characters to the modern day world. Cinema Blend has some photos and clips here.

She confirmed it via multiple tweets.

Man, and here I thought Grimm would be my only fairytale show this season.

Oh, and it sounds like maybe Andrew Chambliss will be working on it as well? Based on Jane's tweet to Elizabeth Craft.
The writers/creators worked on Lost for quite a bit as well. I have really high hopes for this show. Let's pray it's not a letdown.

As for humour potential: the name of the town bodes well. "Storybrooke."
Hopefully there being 2 Fairy Tale themed shows on Broadcast TV doesn't hurt each show as it seems likely that could be the case. I wish there would be a live action version of the Fables comic when I first heard about "Once Upon A Time" I hoped that could be the case.
I'm glad Espenson is going to be writing for this show because I was consistently underwhelmed by Kitsis & Horowitz's work on Lost. They were the writing pair that wrote some of my least favorite episodes of Lost.
Tried to watch those clips in two different browsers, then I gave up.
Clearly you just didn't clap loud enough.

(works in Firefox whether you believe in fairies or not)

Hard to tell, neither premise nor clips set my world alight but if Jane's onboard i'll take a look. They like their bandwagons TV people don't they ('high' fantasy being the cart du jour) ?
I'm just worried that all these shows are basically going to be G-rated imitations of True Blood. True Blood is much broader than most vampire tv shows in the fantastic elements it incorporates so much so that I think it will thematically have a lot in common with these shows except that these shows will lack the edge that gives True Blood hilarious lines like, "And what the hell was it with you snapping the American flag in half like you're some kind of muslim buffy with a dick?"
Jeez, there are two fairy-tale shows next year? And neither of them is a straight-up version of Fables? Modern life, as one or another Britpop band says, is rubbish.

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