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May 19 2011

Promotional photos for 'Ringer'. Three promotional photos of Sarah Michelle Gellar in her new show. The timeslot has also been announced. Update: The promo is now online and there's an interview with Sarah at

Ooh that second one's (still) pretty good, like it (and (still) not just cos SMG's in it twice ;).
Wow! I'm getting really excited for this now that we're getting snippets of SMG in the role. It's been a long time indeed since she's been on my TV.

ETA: Darn, Saje. I was convinced I'd have the first post in the bag.

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That 2nd one is really nice. But I wonder why she's wearing a different outfit, ghost or in her head? I wish the pics were a higher quality.

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But I wonder why she's wearing a different outfit, ghost or in her head?

I think it's supposed to reflect the premise of the show: which explains the distorted mirror image.

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ETA: spoiler tags, just in case.

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Yep, she plays twins. I was gonna comment on how nicely it captures the premise but now i'm thinking maybe not.

ETA: Darn, Saje. I was convinced I'd have the first post in the bag.

Muhahahahahahaha ! Nope, one of my rare times of checking the homepage (usually I just look at 'Recent Comments') led to me winning the hugely important first post race (I even had a comment pre-created on another thread). Now I can just sit back and reap the rewards/plaudits/movie offers.
@Saje: Well, we've previously established that I am you; ergo, I claim victory too.

I really do think it captures the premise very well. Eagerly awaiting the promotional goodness to come in the near future.
It looks like it's from the opening sequence to me. Love that photo.
The second pic reminds of a Dollhouse Season 2 promo pic. I wonder if it's by the same PR people.
This one, this one or neither Simon ?
Just a heads up: according to tvline, Ringer will air on Tuesdays.
Tuesday's at 9pm following 90210. Another pic.
I think the former one, Saje. Though I could have sworn there's one of her looking in a mirror and seeing a different person.
Yup, like the second photo. It's all intrigue-y and evocative and stuff. The first one is more generic and could be for anything from a daytime soap to a "behind the scenes at the academy awards."
(And I must say that is a really unfortunate bow on that red dress. Ick. ...Unless of course you believe the bow to be sensate, in which case I suppose it is a very fortunate bow. ;-) )
And we have a promo:
Cheers, I'll add that to the link.
And there's a short interview with Sarah on EW.

I wonder if CW promotion will play with the fact that's she's back on Tuesdays and that was Angel's timeslot in the WB days.

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I cannot wait for this!!! :)
RE: promo

The "Sarah Michelle Gellar is back" ROCKS! *happy dance*

Other than that, it's kind of a meh promo, imo. Doesn't say much of anything beyond the usual buzz words associated with the suspense genre (truth, lies, secrets, betray, etc.). There's nothing that even hints of the premise at all. Pity that. Maybe in "Promo 2?"

Also, I wonder if the average viewer knows what a "ringer" is? It's not exactly common parlance outside of sports, is it? Oh well, it can be the vocab word of the day.
Wow. I got really excited during that video because I realized that I hadn't seen her act in anything new since Buffy ended. And then I realized that Buffy ended eight years ago tomorrow. Double wow... where has the time gone?

Two more (much longer) clips.

Looks great. I'm in!

A marketing poster for the series. Same as one of the promo photos.
Would make a great desktop wallpaper. is filtering their users. :/ I cannot watch CW's clips anymore. I hope they turn up somewhere else as well.
Well, never mind, the youtube channel with the promo has the other preview clips too now. :)
OMG!! I don't think I can be more excited!!!!
Thank you for the links and news! I'm excited for Sarah!
This looks great. The premise reminds me of the 80's Ann Jillian TV movie Killer in the Mirror, which I loved when I was 13.
Yeah, the trailer kinda tells us... nothing? Other than "SMG IS BACK!", which only really appeals to Buffy fans...

I mean, if I didn't know the plot before, after watching this trailer I would not have a clue what's it about. One could argue it's still just the first promo trailer, but I've been watching other new shows promos (especially from NBC and FOX) and they've done a far better job in introducing the shows.

Anyway... i am excited about it and will watch it!
And I'm also getting a Dollhouse vibe from it, so that's cool and stuff.
Sigh. If only the story had some scifi/fantasy element to it, then I just might watch. So far it looks like it's just formula drama. I know. For most people it doesn't matter. But for me, I like to be whisked away to a fantasy world when I trade part of my life to watch a show.

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You could pretend she's a clone if you like (twins kind of are after all). Just seeing SMG on TV again will be "fantastic" enough for me though, just hope the show's at least watchable.

Though I could have sworn there's one of her looking in a mirror and seeing a different person.

Yeah, know what you mean, when I found those I sort of felt like there might've been a closer one too (maybe looking out a window with her reflection looking back in at us ?).
Thanks very much for the promo clip! Looks very action-oriented and I really like the whole two worlds collide (hard-knocks/affluent lifestyle) plotline. I'm so glad the source material, at least in my mind (Dead Ringer) has been updated into this contemporary piece.

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What do you mean by "formula drama" ?
maxsummers, there are 2 much longer clips than that strange 20 second promo at CW's website. The one with SMG playing both sisters talking to each other is great.
Okay, I knew about SMG (of course), Kris Polaha, and Ioan Gruffudd but Nestor Carbonell too?!? I may faint. Just a fabulous cast.
There's more quotes from Sarah about the show over at TV Line.
Looking forward to this show and "Grim" the most of the new 2011 shows.
What do we know about the writers for this show? My following of Joss over the past few years has really upped my appreciation for how important the SCRIPT is, regardless of the talented cast doing the acting.

It would be great to have some FoJ (Friends of Joss) involved -- i.e., Marti & company -- but I haven't heard anything like that.
Supernatural writers by the looks of it.
The writers/producers are an interesting mix. A procedural person, a comedy person and 2 from SPN. I'm ok with that. None are names that I'm familiar with.
@IrrationaliTV, I think with those writers, we could have the perfect mix of comedy and drama in the show. Because nobody's life is depressing 24/7.
Official site, with non-crappy, non-YouTube rip version of the promo, which is also here with two preview clips.

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Though the crappy YouTube rip does have the advantage of working outside the US (in fairness, only an advantage if you are too).
Here's a decent sized article and a 4:09 Interview with SMG at Zap2It:
Supernatural writers by the looks of it.

Does that mean the writers from Supernatural are leaving the the show, or pulling double duty? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to see Ringer getting made; just don't want to lose good writers from my other favorite show. :)

The trailer looks very promising; I will definitely be checking this out in the fall.
Didn't they kick the creator of Supernatural off this season anyway?
Grack21, Kripke is still an executive producer. He's just not the showrunner. The very capable Sera Gamble is.

Deepgirl187, the creators of Ringer have a few SPN credits (3 eps as co-writers) but, it's not like the main writers are leaving the show. SPN won't change. Don't worry.
Thanks IrrationaliTV. Also, Kripke chose to step down as showrunner after season five, though as was stated he is still involved. He had a hilarious scene in a recent episode too.
I haven't seen SMG's movies, so when I see her I think "Buffy!" I'll check this out, though.

Now I can just sit back and reap the rewards/plaudits/movie offers.
I laughed way too loudly at this.
Well Supernatural was supposed to end at Season 5 and then they 24ed it. From my understanding the creator is not a happy person. But I digress. YAY SMG WOO
Supernatural is the only show I make a point to watch thses days. I love it!

deepgirl187 - YES! I agree, that scene was great!

Back on topic - Ringer looks interesting though and Sarah is so talented, I plan to give it a shot.
Same promo pics, this time in high-res:

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