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May 19 2011

Missed Neil Patrick Harris in "Company"? If you did, it will be shown at movie theaters for a limited time starting June 15th.

Per comments below, it's only in the US and parts of Canada. Listen to this interview with Neil talking about the production and his twins.

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It's not TV, it's a limited run cinema release in the US & (parts of) Canada.
To nitpick: just Company, no "The."

But this is great news, assuming Los Angeles is one of the places it'll get its limited release. I love NPH and I love Sondheim.
Jobo- tickets are already on sale here - there should be something there for you I think!
I don't think a single theater in Iowa will be showing this (I'm sorry I left California where it is easy to get to these things!). *sob*

Oh joy oh rapture! It will be showing in Iowa City and I have bought (and printed out) my ticket! Yay!
(so happy now).

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There are 7 theaters in Iowa on the ticket link I posted - I hope you can get to one of them! ;)
Thanks, RachVG. Correction made to the entry.
Reminder to all that it also stars Christina Hendricks. :)
I am SO seeing this! I love Company and many of the actors in this production. It's showing in my city. But the site won't let me buy tickets yet! :(
Wow, so the problem was actually that it's already sold out! So I had to buy tickets for a different theater 30 min away. Which is fine, it's just crazy I can't see it in my theater 10 min away, haha.

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YAY! Thanks for the link to the theatres/showtimes.
Yes, RachVG, thanks so much for the info and the link :) I'm a happy li'l Jobo right now.
Yay! I was there when they were taping it :)
Will we hear you laughing ridiculously loud? Or did you "slut-sneeze" or anything identifiable?

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