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May 19 2011

(SPOILER) Jane Espenson's episode of Game of Thrones airs this Sunday on HBO. This new show adapted from George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire books is truly amazing, so finding out Espenson is on the writing staff should come as no surprise.

Espenson does great character work, and there are so many meaty roles in this show she must be having a blast. I can't wait to find out what happens next with the Starks and the Lannisters! Especially since HBO Go users can download the seventh episode immediately after "A Golden Crown" on Sunday. No waiting!

Whoa, I somehow missed that she wrote an episode of this. I swear, she must be one of the most sought-after TV writers around, and deservedly so.

But of course, now I have to catch up on GoT, which previously didn't interest me too much.
Jobo, you should definitely watch more Game of Thrones. It's fantastic.
Love Game of Thrones. Love Jane Espenson. It's a good day for TV.
I was so excited when I saw that she had a writing credit on this show.

My current obsession is Game of Thrones!
Two of my favorite things in the world, GoT and Jane Espenson. I'll definitely be watching.
Game of Thrones is my latest obsession, too! I read all the books in a week. The show is quite faithful so far. I can't wait to hear Espenson's dialogue for Tyrion. Peter Dinklage is giving the best performance of his career...they should just mail him his Emmy now.
Whoa, cool!
Game of Thrones is freakin' awesome. My favorite character is the Tyrion. Finally, an interesting dwarf character on a popular tv show, right? And well acted too.

Is this Jane's first gig with HBO? I'm so proud she'll be working on one of the two networks with the most consistently awesome writing around (the other is AMC, IMHO). Congrats to Jane!
This will be a juicy episode and for those who have read the books, the episode title has special meaning. I'm so happy Jane is involved with this series.
I just started watching Game of Thrones this past weekend after it had sort of piled up in my DVR. I'd read some really good reviews of it, but they packed them with spoilers that made me wonder if this show was just out to shock without the substance. But I was pleasantly surprised and quickly enthralled by the characters and the acting and the stoyline, occasional blood and gore and squicky included. I'm a huge fan of Jane Espenson, some of her Buffy episodes are my all time faves, and I've loved her work since. All this to say I cannot WAIT to see Thrones this weekend!

Also I was skeptical about the whole dwarf thing with Tyrion, I thought it would be a stunt. But I agree that he is an excellent character, and perhaps my favorite as well-- both because of the clever writing of his character and the best acting on the show. I can't WAIT to see what he does or says next, especially with Jane writing.
I've read a little of the first book and so far as I've seen the TV show follows the book very closely, including much of the same dialogue. I think that this loyalty to the original source works well but it makes me wonder if Jane will feel her creativity somewhat constrained. Must be a very different experience than when she wrote for Buffy and BSG, no?
Awesome, from the title, I was already excited for this episode. Now I'm even moreso.
I've been wondering the same thing since I heard last year that she was doing an episode, Squishy, how limited she (or any other writer on the staff, for that matter) will feel. Though I'm going to admit right now that I'm a huge fan of GRRM and ASoIaF, so I'm not concerned about it.

It really is pretty darn faithful so far, I'm very happy with that. Read the series for the first time some 12 years ago, when A Clash of Kings came out, and it has become my favorite in the multiple rereadings since. The show's met my expectations so far, and those are some hard expectations to meet. Any issues I might have are definitely nitpicking.
Oh excellent, forgot Jane was doing an ep of this. Really enjoying the show so far, the first couple were good but felt a bit slow with all the setup they had to accomplish but then I settled into it, got to know the world and the characters. It's testament to any series that, after 5 episodes, there're several contenders for my favourite character. So far it's probably a close tie between Tyrion and Arya (who's either going to break my heart as we see her forced into a role she hates or provide me with a bunch of "Yesss!" moments, as she did a couple of weeks back with her simple, direct "That's not me" to Ned). Peter Dinklage's nuanced, charismatic performance (along with doing an imperfect but very decent English accent in the toughest environment IMO i.e. surrounded by UK/Irish actors for the viewer to compare his to) is probably just nicking it for now. But Aiden Gillan's "Littlefinger" is also excellent as is the ever reliable Sean Bean as Ned Stark and the villains are enjoyably nasty with hints of interesting layers.

I'm debating starting the books, the main thing putting me off being they seem to be taking progressively longer to come out and i'm not crazy about the whole waiting thing. May wait for at least this series to finish, don't wanna cross the streams, that would be Bad.
This is the weirdest thing. I love the show, and think it has truly great acting (and none better than by Pete Dinklage), and I began the book and truly was enjoying it. And then I just had to give up. I gave up because I do not think this series leads to a denouement, so to say. That is, it has great stand-alone scenes and episodes but it it is not going toward a final conclusion which resolves anything. And because I invested so much in Robert Jordan when he was alive, and his books ended up just going on forever without resolution, I cannot see doing that again. So no matter that the book was good and the series is excellent, I gave both up. Weird, like I said!
I never knew Jane would be writing an episode of GoT, but I would have been watching anyway (it is an awesome series). I'll really be looking for Jane Espenson touches on these lovely characters (I already love Tyrion, maybe he'll like anchovies...).
That is, it has great stand-alone scenes and episodes but it it is not going toward a final conclusion which resolves anything.

There's apparently a fifth one out next month then two more planned after that Dana5140. Or do you mean you don't believe Martin when he says that, that he'll want to carry on in perpetuity because he's so invested in the world ?

(my issue is partly, from the previous book to the next one has taken 6 years, not keen on waiting 12 years for the next two. Personal impatience aside, not to put too fine a point on it George R. R. Martin is 62 as it is, no spring chicken and right in the zone where nature may conspire against art to prevent him finishing. Wow, morbid much ? Happy Friday everyone ;)
That's what everyone's thinking, Saje. He isn't in the best physical health, either.

I'm on the second read-through of the series, and I'll just be happy to get the 5th book this July. If he bites it before the 6th and 7th get published? Oh WELL, we were warned. ;)

This series is incredibly faithful to the source material, and knows just where to put extra scenes to help non-readers with characterization. I find the extra scenes with Jaime to be very cool, especially his interactions with Ned.

Tyrion and Arya are my favorites, and the actors are perfect in the roles. Was a little put-out at first because Arya was supposed to be a horse-faced, homely child, and this actor is cute as a button, but her performance and how they are writing Arya quickly won me over. Dinklage is excellent as Tyrion, and I find him incredibly sexy, too.

I also find it interesting that while I am firmly on Team Stark, the characters that are most interesting to me (Arya aside), are the Lannisters (Jaime, Cersei, Tyrion, et al...).
I have to agree that while the Starks are definitely the people to root for, the more interesting characters are the amoral Lannisters, especially Tyrion and Jaime.

But while the Starks have their heart in the right place, sometimes I really, really want to slap Sansa and Catelyn for being so frustratingly naive.

And Dinklage is sexy. Perhaps not as sexy as they guy who plays Jaime, but sexy nonetheless, and he always has the best lines!
Before Dinklage got married, he apparently had hot and cold-running women in and out of his personal space. I admit, when I saw The Station Agent for the first time, his personal charisma was readily apparent. I don't mean that dwarfism immediately turns me off, but that it's an unknown. There is no mystery to why he has done so terrifically as an actor.
Nah, saje, from what I gather the books to date simply keep on presenting the battles for power, on and on and on...
Great to hear a non-reader's perspective Saje. Glad to hear you're enjoying it.

Anyone else here who's watching but hasn't read the books? If so, what do you think?

I've been wondering the same thing since I heard last year that she was doing an episode, Squishy, how limited she (or any other writer on the staff, for that matter) will feel. Though I'm going to admit right now that I'm a huge fan of GRRM and ASoIaF, so I'm not concerned about it.

I'm a huge fan of the books and GRRM too, but I really wouldn't mind a bit more divergence from the books (not in "spirit", so to speak, but in the scenes shown, etc.), especially from someone as talented as Jane (I'm also hoping for a lot of new stuff from GRRM's episode.)

And I agree that Dinklage is absolutely brilliant as Tyrion.

I don't think we should get into this to much as things could quickly get spoilery, but I don't think the books are repetive at all (and I do think things are working towards a conclusion - however I also fear it will take GRRM some years to get there.)

Anyway looking forward towards the episode!
It depends if you appreciate the HBO style of television. They show, rather than tell. The Wire is one of the most interesting things I've watched, but it doesn't *add* to a resounding conclusion - it simply presents issues and characters in a world for a length of time. It's arguably become their "brand" now.
I've really enjoyed the scenes HBO added that were not in the books, especially that Robert/Cersei scene last episode and the many new Jaime scenes. I think they've all been in keeping with the spirit of the novels and help flesh out the non-POV characters much more. I hope they keep that up.

If there's any major divergence from the novels, I think it will be things much too expensive to film like major battle scenes rather than major changes to the overall plots. Although there may be pressure to give popular actors meatier or longer running storylines than they have been given in the books to keep people watching.
Good luck to Jane in this good show.
Just adding to the chorous of Tyrion and Arya being the best characters and remebering Daenerys (neede the IMDB to remember all these names, to me, they're the short guy, the little daughter and the pale girl), who had some interesting moments and seems to be growing as a leader.
Saje, I totally understand your reasoning. I just started book four last night after finishing book three about a month ago. I forced myself to take time off to prolong the experience, and I was practically shaking from withdrawal for the whole month. I also, like others, am not sure that we'll ever see the end of the series, and am psyching myself to assume a fatalistic attitude about that. All that said, everybody who hasn't read the books must go and read them now. They are that awesome.

As for the show, I like it a lot but am not in love with it as I am with the books. With the source material so stellar, the adaptation has no chance to live up to that, IMHO. A lot of internal character complexity is bound to be lost on screen. I am trying to treat it as a separate entity from the books, and as such I find it pretty successful outing and in no way am disappointed. Glad to hear that many viewers unfamiliar with the books enjoying it (go read the books now) and am thrilled about Jane's involvement in the show.
I can't wait for Jane's episode. The show has been great so far. Tyrion has been my favourite character in the novels, and Dinklage has been doing a fantastic job playing him.
I like the show, but imo it's not nearly as good as the books. I love all of the character building and dialogue and relationships that have little chance to make it into the show, except in truncated form.

I must say that I very much disagree with Dana5140 that the plot is not progressing and I can easily believe that the series can finish in 7 books, or perhaps 8, depending on what happens in Book 5.

Books 4 & 5 have taken quite some time, but prior to that Martin was publishing at a reasonable pace, with Books 1-3 arriving in 1996, 1998 and 2000. He was thrown way off schedule when he abandoned the 5 year leap in time that he had planned after publishing Book 3. That was a huge challenge to his plans and his schedule, especially so with the numerous plots and characters involved. Also, Book 4 & 5 are where the most characters are alive and the most "stuff" is happening. Based on what he has said of his plans (and what we know of them), we have every reason to believe that various plots, pov's and characters will start to converge in "A Dance with Dragons' & 'The Winds of Winter', helping to make the upcoming novels "easier" to write.

It's true that his age could be a concern, but we never know what might happen in life. One very promising young fantasy author, now in his early '30's, seems to have had his publishing schedule quite delayed because of various things in his life, including his battle with depression. Martin could die tomorrow, but the same could be said of any of us. Should we delay any book or TV series until it's completion because an integral figure might die at any time? I wouldn't. Imo, even if the books are never completed, what we have is "essential" entertainment, in the same way that 'Firefly' is.

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I love the character development. If they eliminated some of the soft core porn, we would get to see a lot more of the good stuff.
Must disagree with lottalettuce. I like the soft core porn. Save the porn!
lottalettuce, it's HBO, after all, and they are staying TRUE to the source material. All that sex is in the books - they've even toned it down a bit in the show, imo (except for Renly and Loras, which I thought was AWESOME!).

I think the sex is part OF the good stuff. :D
I haven't read the books, but I'll add to the chorus of those who enjoy Tyrion and Arya as well as soft core! I'm also intrigued by the possibilities for the roles of "the pale girl" and her new Dothroaki husband-king. (Or lord or whatever.) 5 episodes isn't much time for character growth but she's on the fast track for backbone development.

I wasn't aware Jane would be writing for the series but of course am thrilled to hear the news.

The series can only improve. Just the other day I was thinking it will be better when some pacing issues are worked out. Most episodes so far have been almost-cliffhangers at the end. It's not building as much suspense as it could... but really, that's my only beef so far and it's a minor one. For someone who can't connect it to a work I've read, I give it a thumbs-up so far. The show has so much potential.
Yeah, also don't have a problem with lots of good looking people gettin' nekkid, especially given how important family ties, blood-lines and reproduction are to the story (it's kind of like all the begatting in The Bible except here we actually get to see it ;).

It's true that his age could be a concern, but we never know what might happen in life...Martin could die tomorrow, but the same could be said of any of us.

Of course that's true but if you don't think it's more dangerous to be in your 60s than in your 30s then I have some life insurance (and a bridge in New York) you may be interested in buying Risch22 ;).

(actuarially, existing health issues aside, it's nearly 10 times more dangerous in fact)

Besides which, it's the uncertainty/timescale that's my main issue - if I knew the series was incomplete I could start it with that in mind, gird my loins ahead of time so to speak. Likewise if I was fairly sure it'd be finished in 3 or 4 years i'd just wait (there're already more books in the world than i'll ever read). Investing in it completely only to have it not finish is more of a problem. Also, as things stand I could just continue with the TV series and enjoy that on its own terms i.e. it's not an either/or, I don't have to choose between a possibly incomplete story or no story at all. To you, as a lover of the books, they're indispensable, worth any potential heartache. To me, as someone who hasn't started reading them, not so much.
I'm with Risch22 in that I definately consider the books worth my time, with or without an ending.

It depends if you appreciate the HBO style of television. They show, rather than tell.

In that sense perhaps they do. However I feel so far they're less succesful in avoiding 'exposition that feels like exposition' in GOT. In the books there actually is very little that felt like exposition to me, and I certainly can't say the same about the show (all the info and more is also in the books, but I'd say it comes up much more naturally).

That said, I'm hugely enjoying the show. Great casting all around, love the look of the whole thing and I think almost all the new scenes so far are great, the only exceptions are (the following contains some semi-spoilers for non-readers about specific scenes not being the books)

Anyway, how is it for new few and other old viewers, anyone else finding the exposition a bit jarring at times?

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I'm with Risch22 in that I definately consider the books worth my time, with or without an ending.

Remembering something you said about 'Dexter' a while back (that you'd like it to go on and on because even if it got bad you could always just stop watching) I think we may feel slightly differently about endings the Groosalugg. To me they're incredibly important, stories almost aren't stories without one and a bad one can retroactively ruin what went before (or, in that timey-wimey vein, looking at 'Doctor Who' series 5, a good one can retroactively lift it from merely OK to excellent).

Episodic TV is slightly different but with something like this, which is basically one long story, nah, it ending at all (and how it does so) is important to me.
that you'd like it to go on and on because even if it got bad you could always just stop watching

Yeah, it turns out I couldn't quit it after all (and now - after disliking much of season 5 - I'm hoping for a quick and satisfying ending for the show with the rest of you.) Must admit I felt a bit upset at everyone wishing for Dexter to end at the time I was writing that comment.

I guess endings in general aren't too important to me especially not in TV. In certain types of stories a botched ending can sadly ruin the whole of the journey too, and a great ending can sometimes go quite a long way in redeeming a bad one, but they're also quite often of little consequence to me.

I can barely remember the ending of many of my favorite stories (I have absolutely no idea how The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ended, for example) and can love a story in spite of dislike its ending. I can even love the first two Blackadder series in spite of my dislike of the endings of almost every episode. (I'm not a big fan of endlessly repeated failure when it is supposed to be amusing (if it's supposed to be tragic I can bear it - I always felt sorry for the Big Bad Wolf and Wile E. Coyote as a kid.)

I do still feel TV shouldn't necessarily always try to be one long stretched out narrative, but that a Buffy like approach of moving beyond a natural ending point (such as the S1/2/3/4/5 endings) again and again can also yield brilliant results.

But as I pointed out back then too I certainly don't like to see things being endlessly streched out just for the sake of making the storytelling last longer. (As they're doing now on Dexter - but which certainly is not happening in A Song of Ice and Fire.)

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Never read the books, don't want to, like the TV show.

Oh, and if you're looking for endings, don't watch TV. Most shows get cancelled before they get to make 'em. Doesn't make Firefly worth skipping, is my take.
Thanks for using invisitext Groosalugg. I haven't read the books and I *love* this show. I'm so excited that Jane has written an ep, I didn't realize she was going to.

GoT is a sumptuous feast on all fronts especially visually and acting-wise. Adding my vote for an Emmy/Golden Globe and whatever else they're giving out these days, for Peter Dinklage. In a stellar cast where literally every actor is pitch perfect, he is definitely the stand-out.
He's performing Tyrion exactly as he was written (except Dinklage is handsome where Tyrion is most definitely not. Must say, I'm glad they skipped the prosthetics. With an actor of this calibre, every eyebrow lift is a reveal. I think his performance would suffer from the restrictions of heavy makeup). I can't think of a better way to honor the source material.

And Groo, I don't find the exposition jarring. They kind of have to do it that way, because in the books we get a lot of internal monologues from each person that we can't be privy to here without cheesy voice-overs. I'll take some exposition over THAT, any day.
Yeah, I don't think I could see voice-overs working here either. But personally I do think they can work very well if done right. Voice-overs really added a lot to some of my favorite shows like: Dexter, Veronica Mars, Peep Show, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, IMHO ofcourse.
With shows (like 'Peep Show') or genres (like noir) set up to be in first person to some extent I think VO can work really well. Still needs to be used sparingly though (even 'Dexter' started to suffer from over-VO latterly IMO). With something like 'Game of Thrones' I don't really see how cos who would you have as the Voice when you've got about ten central characters ? So the exposition's necessary (though I don't find it jarring, certainly after the first couple of eps at least) and the feeling generated in the viewer of not quite knowing what's going on inside someone's head can even be an advantage.

Oh, and if you're looking for endings, don't watch TV. Most shows get cancelled before they get to make 'em.

With books (which is what we're talking about) being different. That said, a lot of my favourite TV shows (Buffy, 'Angel', 'MASH', 'Cheers' among others) end properly and are better for it, s'partly why i'm in favour of not ending seasons on a cliffhanger and also why I appreciate e.g. Tim Minear having his mini-resolutions after the initial order of 13 episodes. It can be done and done well if the creator's willing/up to the task. Even 'Firefly' got 'Serenity' to resolve the story (and ease the pain) somewhat.
Yes, that (the multitude of voices) is exactly the reason I couldn't possibly see voice-overs working here either (but I don't think the device in and of itself is bad or not fit for TV or anything like that as it does work on some shows.)

Agree about Dexter over-voice-overing, but on the other hand I think the slightly rebranded third season of VM suffered a little from a voice-over shortage.

Just watched the trailer and it looks really good. This could well become the best episode so far I think.


Great to hear people like the show and don't agree with my exposition complaint!

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Aw man. By the time I get to see the Espenson episode, its thread will be off the page here.
None of us have seen it so far (I think). Propably will be gone by the time it airs in the US too. (But perhaps someone can put up a new one on monday when the reviews come in, in which we can actually discuss the ep?)
Sometimes people post a discussion thread contemporaneous with the episode, as was done with Dollhouse. Don't know if there's sufficient interest here, or if GoT is sufficiently Jossean, to warrant a real time discussion thread.
Well Jane is sufficiently Jossian, so I hope we get another thread. Its been really cool coming into The Black and talking about this series. Crossing the streams IS good, sometimes!
Yeah, you're right.
Another one here who hasn't read the books but loves the show. I was a mite skeptical before it started, as good straight fantasy shows are rather hard to come by, but hopeful because it was HBO. Hope answered! Wonderful writing, acting (1000th-ing the praise for Dinklage), and directing/cinematography. This series just looks wonderful. Good stuff.

To throw my hat in the ring about endings: Love 'em if I can get 'em, but I can also live without them (cliffhangers being the exception--not finishing a cliffhanger is just mean). My best argument that an ending isn't the most important thing in the world is Lost. I wasn't a huge fan of the ending (didn't hate it), but it didn't ruin the previous 6 years. I still hugely enjoyed that 6 years, and will watch the entire series again sometime in the future. It's about the journey. IMHO.

ETA: Yay Jane! Can't wait! :)

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Yeah the journey thing is arguably healthier. To me stories have endings though, that's one of the things that separates them from real-life. Everyone's different of course.

Well Jane is sufficiently Jossian, so I hope we get another thread.

I think we'll be lucky but as always it's up to the mods. Jane's written a lot of TV episodes that haven't had threads (including for shows like BSG which not only did many here love but Joss Hizzownself was a vocal fan of).

Stuff like that is basically what the .org is for IMO (nigh moribund though it may have become in the last year or so).
It is true, Jane has written a lot that hasn't been covered, but I'm kind of hoping her episodes of Doctor Who Torchwood will be covered as well as this one for Game of Thrones (a brilliant show even with the dearth of Whedonesque actors).

[ edited by embers on 2011-05-22 16:07 ]
...but I'm kind of hoping her episodes of Doctor Who...

Now that's just cruel, making a fella run to Google with that sort of hope only to have it dashed ;).

(unless you know something t'interwebs don't embers ?)
Oh I'm sorry Saje, somehow I got her work on Torchwood confused and thought she had also written for Doctor Who (mea culpa!). I'll go edit my post above.... :(
(a brilliant show even with the dearth of Whedonesque actors).

There may be a dearth of Whedonesque actors on GOT, but there is a very nice 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon connection between Lena Headey and Summer Glau. Jane's involvement might be random, but quality attracts quality.
Oh I'm sorry Saje, somehow I got her work on Torchwood confused...

No worries embers, touch of excitement on a lazy Sunday afternoon ;).
For those of you Joss fans who haven't read GRRM, you will understand by the end of the season why you will feel right at home. Tonight, you begin to get the first real taste of it, I expect.
Might as well have the episode discussion here seeing as it's still on the front page.
Two hours 'til the Golden Crown...heh heh heh...
45 minutes left.

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My prediction is that Tyrion will shine in this one. Jane does funny/awkward well.
I like the line about death from the trainer.
I'm starting to love daenerys.
On an unusual keyboard right now, but had to weigh in... Love you Jane!!
Oh, that was marvelous, sigh. Particularly Tyrion's scenes. Much of that dialogue at the Eyrie isn't in the book. Way to go Jane, Benioff & Weiss!
Wonderful episode with great dialogue. I thought I could even see Jane Espenson's touch in some of the dialogue:
(where are you from? Oh wait, I forgot... I don't care). LOL
Tonya J, much of that dialogue IS in the book, as I remember reading it. What I loved was the facial expressions of everyone there... it was like seeing a book come to life!

GREAT job, HBO. This entire episode was amazing! YAY that Jane was instrumental in it. MORE! MORE!
Not really. Much of the scene in which Tyrion confesses his crimes is nearly completely rewritten. I just read that section. At any rate, the whole episode was first-rate. I agree embers, the scene with the Septa had a certain memorable flavor.
Apparently, you can watch next week's ep right now through HBOGO, though I don't think it's Jane's.

Anyhoo, good watchin' y'all.
Not really? Aside from a few changes of the crude stories it's almost verbatim, Tonya. Why are you trying to stir shit up for such a minor difference? And who give a fuck anyway? It's VERY true to the book.

And HBOGO is very broken and not working right for most folks tonight. boo.
Simmer down, Willowy. Not only are you reading something in to my comment that doesn't exist, you have no right or any invitation to speak to people like that here. I'm just pointing out that there is a big rewritten section in that scene. You have a nice evening, now.
Are you offended by my profanity, or what I actually said? I do like to swear, so that's just that. What exactly are you taking issue with?

Also, can we talk about how cool the episode was?
Willowy, it would be appreciated if you didn't swear at other posters as it's extremely rude.
Well, watching Dany (Danyereous sp?) eat an entire bloody heart just cemented my growing love and adoration for her oh-so-mysterious character!

I knew her brother wouldn't last long.

Can't get enough of Dany and Khal Drogo!!! The same for the Starks. Back to the book now!!!

ETA: Fantastic bloody episode. :D

[ edited by WhoIsOmega? on 2011-05-23 08:51 ]
Tyrion's list of crimes was classic! Sansa is such a little twit, she almost deserves Joffrey.
Best ep so far! Absolutely no jarring exposition in this one.

Almost sad to see Viserys go as I really liked Harry Lloyd's portrayal (he almost managed to make the character somewhat sympathetic in this ep), but what a great scene that was!

Also much development in Kingslanding were we get to see Ned finding out about the likely parentage of prince Joffrey, sending out an army to capture the Hound and call out for Tywin's arrest. (Love Bean's acting in this ep.) Plus we get to see a bit more of Syrio and Arya, which is always a treat, IMO.

Loved all the scenes with Theon, Bran and Robb, really like the atmosphore they've created for Winterfell and the surroundings and it was great to see Bran riding his horse.

(Some slight spoilers for non-readers follow)

Tyrion's "trip to the Eyre" was where the book completely gripped me (and one of my favorite parts of the first book) and it worked very well on tv too, loved the scenes in his cell, the fight and of course his confession. (they really did wonders with the atmosphere in the Eyre too!)

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