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May 19 2011

The 10 greatest vampire archetypes. Identifies the various ways vampires are depicted. (Maybe small spoilers if you haven't seen everything mentioned)

Angel is mentioned in The Private Detective, and Spike in The Sire categories, but they fit into several others too.

The Vampire Private Detective is, thanks to Angel, my favorite archetype. Before Angel, as the photo essay points out, there was Forever Knight, much later, Moonlight, and a series in the middle there left out, Blood Ties. Blood Ties was very interesting in that there was a romantic triangle going on (sound familiar) between a mortal woman, a man, and a vampire. The vampire's back story is one of the most interesting I've ever seen. I've not read the books by Tanya Huff. I imagine Blood Ties might still be found at Lifetime's website.
The Blood Ties books are even better than the show and I LOVED the show. It was on at the same time that Moonlight was and sadly both got axed, Mick and Henry were excellent characters. Spike was my first vamp love, but I have now moved on to Ian Somerhalder's Damon in The Vampire Diaries. That show packs more into one ep than most shows do all season.

Is it Sept yet? Looking forward to SMG in Ringer, so another show for me to watch on CW along with TVD, Supernatural, Nikita, Secret Circle.
And before there was Nick Knight there was P. N. Elrod's Jack Flemming of The Vampire Files novels, which take place in 1930's Chicago. :) ...I wonder who did actually create "the first" vampire detective...

I have to say though, that my two favorite Whedon vamp "archetypes"* are The Ditz (aka Harmony) and The Vampire Psychologist (aka Holden Webster.) They were both so much fun.

*Disclaimer: Favorite archetype does NOT mean favorite vamp. I reserve the right to be complex. ;)


And Tanya Huff's Blood Ties books are great. That woman can write anything including fantasy/comedy (Summon the Keeper et. al.), straight fantasy (The Four Quarters series), and futuristic space war (Valor Confederation Series-got the military details right). Makes a body right sick, she does.

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