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May 20 2011

Interesting little Thor/Avengers tidbit regarding Joss. Spoilery if you haven't seen "Thor" yet.

is it just me, or is the link not working?
It's coming up with a Grr and agrh.

Okay it's working, nevermind.

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Worked just now, seems to be ok, but if someone with a bit more interweb type know how can fix it, that would be just dandy.
It's working fine from where I am. But Jack Diamond, you should add a period after your thread title, (as in "Interesting little Thor/Avengers tidbit.") just a little tip from our posting guidelines.

So, we've seen the 1st scene that Joss directed for all this already? Awesome....
Did Joss' name appear in the credits? As I thought Hollywood was strict about that kind of thing.
I don't recall seeing his name but then I wasn't really reading the credits, just wanted to get to the stinger.

Hunh. I bet Joss wrote it, too, he'd want to get the tone exactly right to lead into The Avengers.
Should have known! It didn't have half as many dutch angles as the rest of the film.
This is a very interesting tidbit! I couldn't be more excited about Avengers!
The interviewer said the character was "clearly possessed" by Loki. Not sure I agree that is so clear. Isn't it possible Loki was masquerading as him? That would be more consistent with the powers Loki wielded in the Thor film, where he used powers of illusion but not possession. Alternatively,, isn't it possible that Skarsgard's character at the end was really a Skrull and was taking instructions from Loki?

On another note, was that powery thing in the suit case supposed to be the cosmic cube?

Anyway, can't wait to get me some Avengers assembly action in 2012! Go Joss!
He looked more "possessed" to me, as if Loki was a devil on his shoulder whispering in his ear rather than masquerading as him. Neither reading is crazy though. And yep, looked cosmically cubey to me (if it's a big plot point i'd imagine it'll be in 'Captain America' before/rather than the Avengers though, the codas normally lead in to the next film).
Captain America takes place almost entirely in the past I believe, so I doubt it.
"Lead in" doesn't necessarily mean "precedes chronologically" (i.e. I wouldn't be surprised if ). "Tie in" is probably a more temporally unambiguous way of putting it admittedly.
Saje is most likely correct since a villain seen in the Captain America preview has a history with the object.
I was actually wondering - I can't do spoiler text, so I will be as vague as possible - if a certain section in the *middle* of "Thor" had been made during "Avengers," as the camera angles involve only two characters, one of whom does not show up elsewhere in the film (or in the credits, for that matter). As far as Joss' credit, it is entirely possible for someone to do an entire script polish and not get credit. The Writers Guild has guidelines about how much material an individual writer must contribute to a script in order to receive credit - one or two scenes wouldn't warrant credit (just payment :). The Directors Guild is even stricter about shared credit. For instance, Gore Verbinski directed the last three weeks of "The Time Machine," but Simon Wells still receives sole director credit. Now, if Gore Verbinski hadn't been *paid,* the DGA would be all over that, but by their rules, that still doesn't warrant shared directing credit. So one scene - no credit.
Wonder if Joss will be doing the stinger for Captain America too...
I thought it was pretty obvious that the Thor stinger lead into Captain America (spoiler for Thor stinger:)

So cool that Joss directed this!
I thought so! Tone and camera angles.

And yeah the extra bit in the rain was blatantly bolted on.
The Captain America movie prequel comics allude to the Asgard. I'm assuming that's canon.

Btw this timeline is worth checking out. Once it gets updated with details of the Cap movie, I'll link to it on the front page.
Simon said:

Did Joss' name appear in the credits? As I thought Hollywood was strict about that kind of thing.

I Won't mind Joss being alongside with Tarantino in this topic. If he kills less important characters in the future, to avoid more comparations, it will be a win win.
I thought it was pretty obvious that the Thor stinger lead into Captain America...

Well sure, if you're gonna use, like, the dialogue and stuff to cheat ;-).

(couldn't remember much of what was actually said)

...if a certain section in the *middle* of "Thor" had been made during "Avengers,"...

Not sure about during 'Avengers' Shapenew ("don't think so" not sure, rather than "don't know" not sure ;) but the extra bit in the rain was certainly filmed later, after principal photography on 'Thor' had either wrapped or was very close to. Quite nicely crafted I thought, it felt fairly natural in the flow of the film.

Nice link that BTW Simon, very handy.
Simon, love the impressively comprehensive timeline -- great nerd fodder. But can we trust it entirely? For example, it says Banner/Hulk caused the avalanche that led to Captain America's frozen body surfacing. But this comes from an alternate beginning to the Incredible Hulk movie, so how do we know it's canon?
Man that timeline was fun reading. Thanks Simon, totally satisfies my inner continuity nerd.

Squishy, at the bottom of the page it says: "deleted scenes, novelizations, viral promotions and comic adaptations are considered tertiary and can be revised or completely discarded if later contradicted by a primary or secondary source." So if the Hulk thing is contradicted by Captain America, they will change the timeline.

Shapenew and Saje: As far as the cameo in Thor. I am pretty sure it wasn't intended to be "during" the Avengers, more like a teaser for it. I was actually wondering about that. Did people who didn't know much about The Avengers or the characters get confused about that? I mean, that's the only scene he's in and it's kind of odd we see him so much considering he doesn't come back later in the film. Great for nerds like us, but I have to wonder if the regular moviegoing audience was left wondering what the heck just happened.
Glee_314, I didn't mean that the sequence took place during the "Avengers" timeline, but rather that it might have been shot during the making of "Avengers." Saje says probably not, so I will go with that conclusion ... but I still wonder if Joss Whedon might have directed the sequence. And as for people wondering what's going on, I would imagine moviegoers who don't get the tie-in just see it as one more menace Thor is facing.
As someone who doesn't know much about the Avenger, but knows the existence of that character, I didn't notice the cameo at all. The only reference to something outside of Thor I noticed was the Tony Stark one, 'cause it was pretty obvious.
I think non-comics fans would just have thought , just as most of the people I saw "Iron Man 2" with thought Scarlett Johansson played "some (really hot) SHIELD agent" rather than specifically knowing she was Black Widow, a pretty well established Marvel character.

Thinking about it Shapenew (and Giles_314) and checking with ma pal Google, 'Avengers' started filming on 25th April and 'Thor' was released on the 21st (in Australia anyway, the UK/RoW was the following week) so it's impossible for it to have been filmed during the filming of 'Avengers' (during pre-production very likely though and it could still have been directed by Joss).
Considering Mr Skarsgard said it was "with the director Joss Whedon", I think that makes it a bit more likely than not. ;)
He means the coda I think cabri (i.e. the post credits bit Mr Skarsgard was in). I'm/we're talking about the cameo in the middle of 'Thor' (which was filmed later), the "extra bit in the rain" as daylight put it.

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Ah, that makes a lot more sense. I tend to skim a bit once I get past my bedtime.
Saje the thing that is so weird is that non-comic fans would wonder about But most of the people I talked to about the movie realized it was a teaser for future (and are excited about Avengers).
I think people are well-adjusted enough for moments like that, either through plot-holes or just simple moments that aren't questioned. Reminds me of the plenty of other sequences, like in the Spider-man films wherein Spider drops down, helps the kid and says something, and people don't expect any follow-up. Indeed, he had a bit of an "arc" but I think most moviegoers would have just pinned it down as an interesting character thing. If at all.
Saje the thing that is so weird is that non-comic fans would wonder about...

Yeah true embers. I guess some may, as you say, assume it's a hint for the future, some may think it's just a nice cameo (as with Stan Lee) and some (certainly over here) may not even recognise the actor in question to begin with. The scene's certainly setup to be an introduction though (with reaching ) so I think most will see there's something more there and either way, it didn't seem to take anyone I asked out of the film.
I think the main thing that could be distracting about the cameo was just how long it went for. It seemed like it might have been interpreted as set up for the character to appear again later in the movie as opposed to in a different movie. Especially considering it didn't actually do anything for the story at that moment. But I guess it wasn't as distracting as I thought it might be.

Edit: Apparently, "apposed" is also a word so spell-check didn't catch that I was being stupid.

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There is really only one thing to say about the cameo, and that is that it was the coolest damn thing ever! Nuff said.
I'd agree too if we hadn't already said several other things about it ;).

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