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May 20 2011

Television Without Pity says 'Ringer' is Number One on the TWoP 10: Most Promising Looking New Shows for next season.

Although Once Upon a Time gets dinged a bit.

Looking forward to Ringer. Though Awake sounds like a Life On Mars rip off. Car crash? Changed reality? Not sure if it's real? If he wakes up on a spaceship in the finale....
Terra Nova seems good, but Alcatraz is something to runaway/escape.

Edit: English and my brain never work togheter.

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... a ringing endorsement? *groans*

Personally the series I'm most looking forward to after Ringer is Awake. I love the way Kyle Killen played with the duality of one man's desires in Lone Star and I'm intrigued as to how they'll use the Sliding Doors concept (not Life on Mars) to drive this series. Could be a complete mess or could be fabulous. Either way I expect it will be difficult to keep it on the air -- going for the smart audience will sometimes backfire on you (see Veronica Mars, Rubicon, Lone Star, Terriers, and, yes, Dollhouse).
Awake is definitely my number one. That trailer was pretty breathtaking, I though. I'm overly optimistic, though--I'm expecting it to be a huge hit, as long as they keep marketing it like they did with that trailer. I really can't blame anyone but myself for the ongoing disappointment in my life :p
that person's list isn't very good. I love SMG as much as anyone, and I will be watching Ringer too, but it doesn't look that good.
As a big Broadway fan, I'm very interested in checking out Smash.
Tyler Durden?
Saw the trailer for Ringer during the Supernatural finale tonight, and I sat up and clapped. (Very sad when you know that I live alone.)

I'm so glad SMG is back on our TVs, and on a channel I can get. Can't wait for fall!
When I first read of this pilot, I didn't have much hope for it. However, Sarah really seems attached to the plot so I'm willing to give it a gander. Hey, what's the loss? May actually be good!

Half glass full types always win! Well, at least, in our minds.
My No. 1 is probably 'Terra Nova' (as the article says, "Dinosaurs and Steven Spielberg". Also, time travel), 'Ringer's in my top 5 though (with 'Missing', 'Grimm' - though i'dve preferred '17th Precinct' of the two - and 'Person of Interest', many of which could end up being quite bland procedurals but right now seem to have potential). 'Awake' could be OK, it's a nice idea, i'm just not convinced by the US network TV track-record with those sorts of metaphysical dramas, if 'Life on Mars' US is anything to go by they may just lack the balls to do them justice. 'Falling Skies' and 'Unforgettable' could also be OK.

Gotta say though, not a great line-up in general this year IMO, looking forward to what's returning (i.e. 'Community' ;) much more than most of the new stuff.
Saje,"Dinosaurs and Steven Spielberg! Also, time travel."

Bless your heart, that was the best laugh I had in a long while! Hoping it's true, crossing both fingers and toes!
I plan to watch Awake, but I also think it will get very cancelled. A show which questions identity probably shouldn't be on network - people get very confused, I suspect. I think that's part of Fringe's audience woes, too. Speaking of which, Ringer!
Yes, gossi, but a few of us enjoys the confusion. Like working a puzzle that no one has solved before.

Wishing Sarah well!
I don't think "Ringer" deals with identity along those lines, because Bridget knows she's Bridget. It will deal with identity in the way that, for instance, a body swap story will; learning how the other half lives, understanding someone else more than you did, etc.
How can I see this pilot?
I can't wait to see Ringer and Fringe rocks!
Squishy, just have to be patient and wait with the rest of us mere mortals. I know, can't wait too! Ah, station CW this September/October. More details sure to follow.

I can't wait to see Ringer and Fringe rocks!

Guess that makes 2+ of us! I'm so tickled pink that "Fringe" was renewed for a full fourth season, just standing beside myself here!

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