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May 20 2011's Legendary Captains. A list of 25 Legendary Captains. Our captain makes an appearance.

Sadly they missed Captain Hammer. Perhaps he is only a legend in his own not-so-humble opinion.
Isn't Captain America (also in this list) a "Whedon Character" these days?.
And on behalf of Britain, I'd like to nominate Captain Jack Harkness, Captain Pugwash and Captain Mainwaring.
Captain Mainwaring yes!
Captain Caveman? Captain Britain?
Captain Kara "Starbuck" Thrace?
In the case of Mainwaring and Pugwash, perhaps what I meant was "Britons over 40".

Here are some more (international) captains:
Captain Beefheart
Captain Peacock: The man who's job it was to say "Are you free?" to Mr Humphries on "Are You Being Served"
Captain Cat from Dylan Thomas' "Under Milk Wood"
Captain Sensible from the Damned
Captain Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce from "MASH"
Captain Haddock from "Tintin"
And bringing it back to the Whedonverse, since Riley Finn was commanding a platoon's worth of troops, his Army rank may have been Captain.

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Captains more often command companies I think, platoons are more often led by lieutenants.

Captain Caveman?

Not sure I know him Squishy, is he related to Captain Caaaaaavvveemaaaaaaannnnnn ! ? ;)

And on behalf of Britain, I'd like to nominate Captain Jack Harkness, Captain Pugwash and Captain Mainwaring.

Captain Jack Aubrey, Captain Horatio Hornblower, Captains Scarlet, Sensible and Courageous. But yep, s'probably Mainwaring FTW ;).

(and at a stretch i'd say history is part of pop - as in 'popular' - culture so Drake, Raleigh and Nelson. Oh and Bligh - an authoritarian and a petty martinet maybe, helluva seaman for sure, over 3,500 miles across open ocean in the ship's launch, not to be sniffed at)

And I wouldn't follow Janeway that far. In just a few minutes of screentime Captain Rachel Garrett from "Yesterday's Enterprise" inspired me more (and had a less annoying voice to boot). Interestingly BTW (OK "Interestingly" ;), Sisko was actually a Commander for about half of DS9's run, Captain would've been his title, not his rank (until the end of season 3).

ETR an extra 't'. Scarlet the colour, not Scarlett the Johansson.

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@mr_waterproof - love the suggestion for Captain Pugwash (and no, I'm not a Brit nor over 40!)
Blistering barnacles, great call on Captain Haddock, mr_waterproof! He is one of my all time faves.
Pub factoid #54326: There was no Master Bates or Seaman Staines and it was Tom not Roger the cabin boy.
Definitely Captain Jack. And Starbuck, forgot that she became a Captain.

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