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May 21 2011

Life lessons you can learn from "Buffy". Today's Guardian explains how teen dramas can guide you through all your problems.

Buffy is referenced at number 6 - what happens when you get groiny with your boyfriend. Guess which example is used. Nice to see the Buffster still rates in a quality newspaper!

My sex talk with friends' 12yr old daughter: Me "tell me why you should wait to have sex?" Her: a boy will say anything to get me into bed and then he will turn into an evil, souless monster." Beauty & The Beast taught her not to smoke ciggarettes.
Actually, the quiet girl at the party tends to be a tiger at heart.
Stylish and affordable aren't mutually exclusive.

Hoops aren't as dangerous as people say.
Clearly Saje has never worn a pair of hoops in the shower...
Everything is part of the earth--this is why fingernails get dirty even when one doesn't do anything.


It's too early and before my tea--which is the only excuse I have for the following Buffy "life lesson" for vampires:

Life Sucks and Then You Die

(It could be read a number of ways and maybe even be turned into an attractive bumper sticker with some strategically placed blood trickling from the word "sucks" and...erm...Something tells me this thought might be what the editing button was created for... *coughs* Sorry. *slinks off to get morning tea*)
Sex is bad. No, we already knew that.

No one deserves mime.
Isn't there something about not being the cheese Buffy states (I can never get the wording right). I am for not being too dependent on cheese. :)
"Sex is bad."

Somehow I think I missed the memo on that one... :)

Now sex with vampires...that doesn't seem to ever go well.


How about: The use of a Round Robin can gain you the freedom to do important things. Like getting a chance to actually do work instead of being stuck in endless meetings. Or you know, possibly save the world. (It's kind of an all purpose technique, worthy of being featured in a catalog of other gadgety techniques, like The Attentive Look which gets sales personnel to lower prices and also calls forth the spilling of guts by perfect strangers.)
"Sex is bad"?? Bit of an oversimplification and not at all the message of the entire series, with all the different couples. More like "sex with a vampire when you're still in high school will probably turn out badly".

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