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January 08 2004

Behr Joins Gellar In Grudge From Former Roswell star Jason Behr will star opposite former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar in a remake of Takashi Shimizu's Japanese horror movie The Grudge for Senator Films,

Takashi will direct the remake, produced by Nathan Kahane, Doug Davison and Roy Lee. Spider-Man director Sam Raimi executive produces via his Ghost House Pictures, the trade paper reported.

The Grudge is set to film this month in Tokyo; Columbia Pictures will distribute domestically.

Stephen Susco adapted the screenplay, which combines elements from the original and its three sequels, the trade paper reported. The original Grudge deals with a murderous curse stemming from a grudge held by someone who died enraged. Behr plays a college student at an international university in Tokyo, the boyfriend of Gellar's character.

If you recall, Jason Behr, previously played Buffy's ex boyfriend, Billy Fordham in the second season ep. "Lie to me."

Any idea where the movie will be filming in Tokyo? I suddenly have this desire to go celebrity-hunting...
anyone know why they are filming in Tokyo when they are using 2 American actors in presumably lead roles
what does the film location have to do with the lead actors' nationality? perhaps it's just where they found the best atmosphere to shoot the movie?
I have a hunch, at least from watching the Japanese movies, and since the director is a Japanese person, he probably wants to film in Japan so he can use a good deal of the staff from the original movie...
"Behr plays a college student at an international university in Tokyo"

I think that sums up why it's American actors in Tokyo. It's a Tokyo setting with a Tokyo story, that's obviously how the creators felt it needed to stay. Being an American refiguring, it makes sense to have American actors.

Besides, nationality shouldn't play an issue regardless of where it was shot - unless it causes a story conflict with historical continuity. That's like saying people aren't allowed to even visit countries that they weren't born into.

Also, saying it's an "international" university gives them an easy excuse as to why he's there to begin with. Much like the Hellmouth was always the excuse for excessive demon activity in Sunnydale.
Filming starts January 26th and the primary shoot lasts about 7 weeks. SMG & JB will be shooting at Toho Studios and on location. I've heard that Jason will be shooting through the end of February and will primarily be in studio and not on location very much. This is unconfirmed though.

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