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May 22 2011

Vid of Nathan Fillion on Jimmy Kimmel Live, May 10, 2011. Enjoy!

Love Capt Tightpants and my favorite ep was Out of Gas. What I like about Castle is his family is fun and the chemistry with Beckett.
I saw a lot of online chatter about the finale. And that was from people who don't usually talk about the show.
The 'Castle' finale was very decent in general I thought but the last scene was PURE "schmuck bait" (so much so that i'd be certain they were going to play with it somehow if the show hadn't sometimes dropped the ball in that way before. So now i'm just hoping).

Not watched the linked YouTube vids yet (no sound at work) but going waaaayyy out on a limb, is Nathan by any chance funny, self-deprecating and charming ?
Hahahaha, "Never swim alone"! He is so fricking funny. Did Kimmel say "former Canadian" in his intro? That was odd and not terribly funny if he meant it as a joke. Nice to hear Nate's actually having a vacation.
He is hilarious. He really carries Castle for me. I like Beckett & Castle's family OK & find the stories entertaining enough, but I'm always comparing it to Bones (because those are the two procedurals I watch), and I like the ensemble so much better on Bones. I guess it's telling that it took me a couple of minutes to remember how the finale for Castle ended, whereas the Bones ending made rather an impression. Of course, I don't have much hope for either finale leading anywhere interesting. Both shows are seriously stuck in reset mode as far as the main relationship goes.

is Nathan by any chance funny, self-deprecating and charming ?

Saje is clearly some kind of psychic or something.
Why oh why didn't I put all my ready cash on it ? Right now i'd be... well, i'd probably owe the bookie money given how appalling the odds would've been but still, the warm glow of victory's nothing to sniff at.

Now watched the videos in All New Sound Sound ! and yep, he was indeed funny etc. Gotta say though, I like a laugh as much as the next person but I really think he made the right choice over his April Fools idea, that might've stung a bit had he gone the other way.

(and agreed jcs, on the face of it the 'Bones' finale is big news but we've been there before only to have the reset button pressed. Not counting any chickens)
What a great interview!! He is so funny and entertaining!!
Nathan may well be the the most charming man on the planet, in a totally goofy way that makes him all the more unique and appealing. That was one of the best stories I've ever heard on a talk show. :)

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