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May 24 2011

Still shiny: an appreciation of Serenity. Tor examines the film as it looks at the best SFF movies from the last decade.

The opening and the film certainly worked for me. I saw Serenity on a visit to London without expectations, never having heard of Firefly. Next stop was one of the stores at Picadilly where I saw the DVD-box and connected the dots. I took a chance and bought it to see more of this wonderful world and its people. Even the same cast, judging from the pictures, how strange... And it was not until after I had seen Firefly that I finally decided to give Buffy another chance, I had got stuck after the first season. The rest is history (well, personal history). Serenity changed my world.
Not much there that hasn't been said previously but I completely agree with most/all of it.

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