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May 24 2011

James Marsters draws fangirls to Big Apple Comic Con. Huffington Post coverage of James and his fandom at last weekend's Wizard Con in New York.

Wow, that must be the worst photo of James Marsters ever taken! It is an interesting article though.
He asked if bisexuality was real? Kind of insulting to bisexuals, even though one could assume he was just curious about what other people thought, not actually calling bisexuals liars or simply wrong.

I wonder if the article would have taken a different turn if he had asked the audience if they thought homosexuality was real...
I just watched the video where he asked the bisexuality question and it's not so bad when you take it in context. Normally I would be personally offended by that question, but it was in the middle of a discussion of whether or not Shakespeare loved both his male lover and his wife and I think JM was just curious about what other people thought. He didn't seem to personally doubt it, he just mentioned that some of his friends don't think it's real.
I didn't find that video, but one where he remarked that Caprica was too brave to last and termed it "beautiful". That was worth the preceding nine minutes of sometimes incomprehensible answers to questions.

Good to hear. I lost so much respect for him, until I realized that I didn't know how he said it or why.

It's so weird, that there are people out there, who are pro-homosexuality and believes that it's perfectly normal, yet they doubt bisexuality. I mean, sure, there can always be doubt, but enough to voice it? Not sure if that's mean, hypocritical or just plain stupid.

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