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May 24 2011

SFX's Top 10 TV Resurrections featuring Buffy, Spike, and also Doctor Who, Supernatural, Star Trek, Stargate and a recent spoiler at number 8.

And the Orange Anorak award goes to...

Actually, the real number one TV resurrection should be Firefly on The Science Channel; they've actually done with the show what Fox should have, and the promo for the upcoming Objects In Space made me sad both that the run was over (although there's to be a May 29 marathon of the entire series), and that Fox never put a tenth of the effort into any aspect TSC has done to support the show.

...Although I'm glad Michio Kaku's lame intros were removed after the first few weeks.
I'm surprised Supernatural won. Good resurrections, but I don't know about it being the winner.
Spike and Buffy's were fantastic.
And I also liked the Doctor Who one.
Magical reanimating amulets have a lot to answer forÖ

LOfrickin'L! And Spike's death and resurrection is the one thing about BtVS/AtS that makes me wish I'd watched the shows when they originally aired. His death on BtVS was still poignant to me even though I knew he ended up on AtS, but I do wonder how different it would have been to have had the knowledge of his resurrection in real time. Watching the shows on DVD, I viewed his death as "this chapter is closing, the next chapter is going to open" rather than one of "oh, this death would mean so much more if I had been left with the impression that he is going to stay dead".

And the write up about Mulder makes me want to watch 'The X-files'.
Spike's resurrection always will be no.1 for me (I learned about the S5: Angel a few months after I saw him dying in Buffy)
I knew about Spike coming back in Angel before the end of Buffy because of a Q&A question. :( It still upset me to watch him burn, but it did lose impact.
I didn't know that Spike was moving to Angel so I still thought his death on Buffy was poignant. More importantly Spike didn't know he was going to be on Angel either so he did a great job of dying.

Not happy with their comments about The X-Files. Just because they couldn't follow what was going on doesn't mean the rest of us had any trouble with it.
Spike's death was a great moment, and good for the character's story arc, but Buffy's death at the end of season 5 always makes me cry. Maybe itís the sister sacrifice element that gets me so emotional, maybe itís because Sarah is such a wonderful actress. She can always make me cry.

I do love the Winchester boys at number 1. Tis true, no one dies as much as they do!
Hear, hear, Sneakyfox. I loved that Mulder story.
Why wasn't Angel mentioned? Buffy sent him to hell right after Willow restored his soul, then all of a sudden his naked body drops to the floor of his mansion moments after she sets down her ring and bids him a teary goodbye.

That was an unexpected return.

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