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May 24 2011

(SPOILER) An extended preview of Sarah Michelle Gellar's 'Ringer'. The final :15 seconds contain what looks to be a major spoiler for the end of the first Episode.

This is much better tonally, I think, than that short promo CW put out, and really sets up the premise. I wonder if this is the longer piece that was shown at upfronts.
So... Are we supposed to gather from this that: The sister who's life she took over wasn't the one who was supposed to die. Is that right?

Definitely going to check this one out - it looks trippy! Plus - Lancelot!

Anyone else feel a small little "Buffy shout-out!" thrill when she was in the house and made the comment about it being like hers? (Trying to stay vague but not confusingly so.)
I'm beyond excited for this!!!
Interesting. This paints a picture of a (potentially) much darker and more serialized series than I expected, given its initial association with the most conventional procedural-oriented network in the land. Sarah seems to really be sinking her teeth into the , which is particularly exciting, but I wonder about the sustainability of the show if they want to stick with the severity of tone they're portraying in this promo.

To put it simply, Sarah is funny. Her comic timing is pretty extraordinary. The girl has range. I don't think it's a particularly good idea to try to build a show around her that isolates her as a tragic dramatic figure - which this preview seems to be pushing - when she just has so much more to bring to the table in a long-format series. I hope the writers recognize this and build a character that encapsulates that wonderful mix of profound pain, mundane struggle, and pronounced joy (emphasis on the joy) that made Buffy so iconic. It would really be a treat to see SMG bring something like that to the screen again.
It was a boat accident! This is so Killer in the Mirror. It makes me so excited!
Hmmm. I love SMG, but I'm not sure about this. I will give it a try. Dang that spoiler though.
The script is really, really good. The style of the trailers (with the echoes and stuff) just leaves me wanting more. Anyone who wants to enjoy the pilot and its twists fully should NOT watch the last 15 seconds of this trailer though. It kills a bit of the twisty effect the trailer is supposed to have.

I have the feeling this is going to be a really strong series. Regarding the understated comedy Sarah is so good at, I think there's room for that in this. I just don't think this pilot was the best vessel for that.
I thought this trailer was a huge improvement over the previous one, though I wish they'd remove that last segment of the trailer. It's way too spoilery.

I'm extremely excited for SMG's return in Ringer. This looks like it'll hit the spot.

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That was phenomenal.
With her hair up, she looks like she hasn't aged since "I Was Made to Love you"/"the Body". Back on topic, this looks better than I've thought yet.
Anyone that watches promos and trailers made by the CW knows they stick things in them that DO NOT end up in the show. I always take them with a big grain of salt. This looks very interesting and will give it a try, CW is very good at this type of show.
The script is really fantastic, one of the better ones from this year's pilot season (behind Awake and Reconstruction, the later of which didn't get picked up). I have no idea how the series will work in the long run, especially with the CW guiding it creatively, but the pilot itself is remarkably strong.

Also, there's no way that these production values stay this high on the CW's budget. And does anyone else feel that this isn't the best trailer? I'm not necessarily convinced that the CW can market this show correctly.

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Did not realise Richard from Lost was in it, this is shaping up to be pretty good. And it'll be the first original CW show I've actually watched.

Why wouldn't the CW be able to keep up with production costs? This is gonna be a major change of gears for the network, bringing in some rather bankable talent. They'll certainly throw a few extra dollars Ringer's way. Besides, have you seen what Nikita can pull off (in terms of sets, set-pieces, extras, actors, stunts etc.)? Money shouldn't be a problem.
I'm guessing by the spoiler at the end that Siobhan for some reason was ordered to kill Bridget but didn't want to, so she faked her own death in order for Bridget to become her? LMAO, I am really confused by it, but I can't wait to see it unravel, it looks amazing.
Great trailer and I'm loving the tone of the show.
Actually I think that at the end it IS Siobhan, and she's tricked Bridget into the whole thing as she was in trouble, but whoever was sent to kill Siobhan (Bridget) failed, oh the possibilities.
Anyone else think it's adorable when she says "Siobhan"? It's so funny to hear it said in that accent...
And I'm not even gonna try and guess what's going on, the possibility of my head exploding with confusion over the next 3 months is too great. Just gonna wait til September

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Wow! This looks delightfully promising!
This looks really good, the reveal at the end especially so.
Well, I just hope . Now THAT's a story.
This looks amazing! Like most trailers these days it gives away far too much of the plot for my taste ... but I'm starting to get quite excited about the show.
Wow great trailer. The network/studio(?) is in the process of trying to sell rights to Ringer to foreign markets. I think this is why the extended trailer is much more spoilerish than the original upfront trailers. They want to give the foreign networks an idea of what they are buying and what direction the series will be heading once it is in production.
This actually is the original upfront trailer. The other ones were just what they released to the public during upfronts.
Thank you b!X for the info. All the press was saying that the full trailer was much more intriguing than the brief clips we saw officially released from the upfronts, now we finally know why.

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I was struck by how gravelly her voice was. Does she just sound like that now, or is that part of the character?
Wow! That was a pretty good trailer, and an interesting spoiler at the end! LOL

The only thing I didn't like was the chromas at the boat sequence.
I hope it's only a work in progress.
I hate to be negative, but I think this looks pretty weak: cheesy voice-overs, uninteresting characters, dreary tone, and from what I can tell, dumb writing. Sarah needs good dialogue, and I didn't hear any. I hope I'm wrong though.

The CW is fairly broke. Even if they throw more money at Ringer than it could get considering its ratings, a 1.0 show will no way have the budget that a 2.0-3.0 drama would have on CBS. Part of the reason the transition took so long from CBS to the CW after the initial idea was transitioning the budget of Rnger to CW levels. An example would be that amazing CGI scene with SMG playing both Siobhan and Briget - instead of using CGI, they'd probably just do a shot-reverse shot-shot between SMG in future episodes. It wouldn't look as good, but would be serviceable.

And Nikita? I wouldn't really consider that a great example (very sterile, bland sets with cheap explosions, no real big name actors besides Maggie Q), and its budget will be trimmed again next season. Compare Nikita to a show on CBS and there's a clear budgetary difference.


Most of it is the way that the trailer is cut. It's very expository and makes the entire thing look like a mess - not to mention the stupid ticking noise in the background.
nuccbko, saying that - have you seen what the highest rated sitcom on broadcast TV looks like? Ditto HIMYM and their recent demolition scene.
You can't compare a 22-minute, multi-cam sitcom to the budget of an hour long drama. Not to mention that with sitcoms, you're pouring huge amounts of cash into named actors (Sheen, Segal, NPH, Ed O'Neil). Apples to oranges.

I'm not saying that Ringer won't be able to work with a smaller budget - obviously it can. Just don't expect the bells and whistles from the pilot.

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