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January 08 2004

Aly Hannigan & Luke Perry promo pix For their stage debuts in the London production of "When Harry Met Sally" at the Haymarket Theatre.

They look cute together. Aly looks great and obviously excited to be in this project.

You know, when I think stand-in for Billy Crystal, my first thought isn't necessarily Luke Perry. But whatever.
Me neither, but LP's looks aren't as cutesy as they used to be and I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Plus, both of them deserve credit for taking on such a challenge. It could be laughable --and not in a good way-- but who would've thought Luke Perry would be so daring?

Casting is an elusive and inexact artform. I've just found out in recent media items that the original actors cast for Wolverine in X-Men and Aragorn in LoTR were Dougray Scott and Stuart Townsend respectively. Both Hugh Jackman and Viggo Mortensen were last-minute replacements, yet I can't imagine anyone doing a better job. But that's the magic of movies...when the stars are aligned, they can do marvelous things and make us believe in them utterly. The stage isn't as forgiving an artform, but applies its own magicks. How else to reconcile Hugh Jackman as both the perfect Wolverine AND Peter Allen? The mind boggles.

As for Aly, this move shows more guts than anything SMG has done so far. When SMG announced Buffy's days were numbered, an EW critic made some suggestions about what SMG should do to avoid typecasting and showcase herself as a serious actress with range and the willingness to test it. Aly's doing a better job of that, so far IMHO. And this has nothing to do with their respective talents, btw, but merely how their choices reflect how they're marketing themselves, intentionally or otherwise. Maybe Aly's turn in this production will give film & tv producers a chance to see her as a romantic comedy lead, ie., in the footsteps of Meg Ryan.
I think Aly has the potential for great things. I hope she does do as well or even better in her career than Meg Ryan. I personally cannot stand Meg Ryan and I think Aly is a much better actor. I hope she does well and I wish I could see this play.

I can't wait for the Alyson Hannigan sitcom! I'll watch it faithfully even *if* it's not that great (because I think Aly shines in any role she's in).
Both Perry and Hannigan are good, daring choices for a stage play version of When Harry Met Sally. I hope the best for them and the production. Maybe we'll get lucky and it'll turn into a tv movie or somehow get filmed for cable or something.

I find it a bittersweet thing. Our Scoobies have grown up and are shaking off the moniker like a snake sheds his skin. The pipe dreams of a Buffyverse TV spinoff or a theatrical movie or the animated series, perhaps even the BBC England special about Giles, are fading away into Nevermore. Perhaps that's for the best. Always leave your audience wanting more. Still I can't help but wonder what it might have been had the story continued. Not necessarily with Buffy/SMG at the forefront. I suppose that's what Angel is supposed to be, but it's nothing at all like BtVS in my opinion. It's not that it's a poor substitute. It's not a substitute. It does its own thing as well it should.. I will always believe an action comedy built around Hannigan, Brendon and Trachtenburg in a Buffyless Buffyverse would have worked. Now we'll never know.

Emma Caulfield had the right idea after all. Kill off the character. Make your goodbyes and walk away. Don't look back, you might turn into a pillar of salt. Then again, they killed off Buffy in season one, five and six, and she kept coming back. Death is not an absolute with Whedon. Firefly will fly again and so perhaps might Buffy. Perhaps even Anya.. Oh but it feels so much like pipedreams now.

Hannigan's gonna do fine, but ultimately history will remember the Buffy series as a step on her way to what fate has in store for her. It will be but a small part of what makes Hannigan a star. She'll be thankful, but truly she'd be a fool to look back. Maybe a guest appearance on her hubby's show now and then, but beyond that Willow is finished. Her tales told. Her spells spun. Perhaps a decade or so from now after it's all a fond memory, there will be a revisitation. A new TV series will appear, call it SUNNYDALE, and the stories of Buffy and her friends will be told anew, with subtle but significant changes, even more of a focus of an ensemble, less of a POV on Buffy, and a new generation of young people will breathe life into the roles once more. Pipedreams.. or maybe a bit more with luck and hope.

I mean, if Luke Perry can step into Billy Crystal's shoes, anything is possible. =)
just hope that she doens't only make movie like american pie
biggest pics here :|1|15|1|2845393|0|0|0|0|&p=3
Well I guess no Willow on Angel this season since she is already over in England preparing for her play. Oh well to bad was kinda looking forward to the annoucement that she would appear. I guess Alexis was just persuasive enough ... well if there is a next season .... maybe .... - I'll keep my fingers crossed.
ZachsMind, taht made me cry! *sniffle*
I am going to see the play on the 13th of Feb, lucky me! What a treat -- living in bustling London has its compensations.

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