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"This whole curse thing has been widely misinterpreted..."
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May 25 2011

Captain Jack's 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' makeover. Brief article about Shawna Trpcic's work in redefining Captain Jack's look.

Wow, congratulation to Shawna Trpcic! Of course working for Firefly and Dollhouse was already 'the big time', but this kind of moves her into a more international recognition. It is all very cool.
Wow, Lauren Ambrose is in this too?? This whole project just keeps getting better.

Also yay Shawna! Her work on Firefly is still some of my favorite costume work ever ... Captain Jack's coat is in very good hands. :-)
I'm kind of used to iconic captain's coats

This made me laugh. And drat on workplace firewalls that don't let me see pictures/video.
Wow, Lauren Ambrose is in this too?? This whole project just keeps getting better.

So is Dichen Lachman :) It's jam-packed with awesome!
I has major squee. I rarely *actually* squee, but I startled the cat a minute ago.
Nice to see Dichen Lachman in the trailer. I think summer television has become the new fall, because there's so much more I want to see!
Gotta say I'm not sure I like the look of the reworked coat. :(
I was interested in this way back when I first heard about it. I had seen the first two seasons of Torchwood and was fairly lukewarm on the whole series, but then saw CHILDREN OF EARTH and thought it one of the best things I'd ever seen on TV. And Captain Jack because one of the most tragic - if not THE most tragic - heroes in the history of TV. No spoilers in case someone reads this and thinks they may see CHILDREN OF EARTH, but I honestly don't think there has ever been a character who has had to endure more loss than Captain Jack. And that was in addition to the curse he suffers from not being able to die. Or, rather, his inability to stay dead.

Which makes the premise of this new extended mini-series really fascinating, since it looks like the entire planet will suffer from what he already does. BTW, I live in Chicago and I understand that while John Barrowman was born in Scotland, he was raised just outside Chicago.

I wonder if they will tone down Captain Jack's sexuality for the mini-series (he is pretty explicitly bisexual, as Barrowman claims to be in real life, though I believe he is in a long term relationship with a man). It looks like the only other carry over from the Welsh version of the show is Gwen Cooper.

I'm really, really excited about this series. And I'm delighted to see the involvement of all the Whedonites.
Congratulations, Shawna!
Barrowman's not bisexual, he's gay. I do hear Rhys is in this too.

I saw an interview with John and he said Jack is gayer in this one. I'm relieved with the not toning down.
OF course they won't play down his sexuality. This is Starz not NBC. If anything it will be more centerstage.

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