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May 25 2011

'Not To Say Goodbye' - Scott Tipton looks back on his Angel years. A very timely article, it's a must read for anybody interested in IDW's Angel comic books. And Buffyfest has an interview with him as well.

Great retrospective.Also,Buffyfest has an interview with Brian Lynch.

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In case you hadn't noticed, I'm kind of fond of ANGEL. It all goes back to the source material. Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt pulled off that most miraculous of feats in the world of television: the spinoff series that, to my mind, anyway, surpassed its parent.

I think this argument was easier to make before 'Reign of Fire' (or whatever the S4 Angel episode with the Beast was called). After that, Cordelia's pregnancy and the clearly-rejiggered S4 plot threw the balance of the show off rather badly. It's a lumpy, misshapen piece of work precisely because the writers had to take structural risks, fine, kudos to them, but doesn't everyone agree at this point that the evil-Cordy plot was the weakest thing about post-S1 Angel? Yoiks.
I'm new to whedonesque as a poster, but not as a reader. The whole "debate" over which show is supposedly better is so subjective and done to death, why stir the pot? Its as pointless as the "Spike vs. Angel" argument has been. There's nothing wrong with either side, though people take it to such extremes that differences of opinion seem to be thrown out the window and people pull out so-called facts to prove their show was better or worse. Perhaps it's just me, but I'll never understand why that seems so important. Perhaps I don't want to understand it either. That whole issue drove me away from the online fanbase entirely which is why I mention it now. It makes me not want to be a fan.
An excellent read. I hope that Scott gets to write again, for the Angelverse - I've enjoyed all of his comics and feel that he got all of the character voices very right. 'Auld Lang Syne' and 'Lost and Found' have a special place for me as wonderfully written, great team-up comics for Spike and Angel, but I loved them all. I'm looking forward to reading his latest story in the Angel Year Book.
Wonderful article. Thanks for the road down to memory lane. Being recently interested in comics I wasn't aware of Mr. Tipton's long time involvement with the series. And I agree with him, bored Harmony is just precious.

Well, Mr Tipton, you convinced me to buy Auld Lang Syne
I disagree, waxbanks. I rather enjoyed Angel's season 4 with evil Cordelia. It's definitely unpopular, but I personally don't think it was weak....or lumpy.
Very nice interview. He was always an underestimated writer in the Angelverse.

And I disagree as well waxbanks, it perfectly follows through from earlier seasons.

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