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May 25 2011

Read the full issue of Buffy #36 online. In celebration of the coming final TPB of Buffy Season 8, Dark Horse is kindly giving a full preview of Buffy #36 to go with it!

Having waited for the TPB, I had not read this, so -- thanks, Dark Horse!

And, having read it, I have to say I haven't laughed so hard all week.
Oh. It's the one where Angel talks to the dog and the role of Buffy Summers is being played by Bella Swan. Meanwhile, Spike saves the day. Let it never be said the PTB's don't validate certain fandom opinions.
I don't care for the direction of this thread so far. Like the comic or don't, let's sidestep the petty faction bickering when talking about that.
Oh dear god, I'm sorry but It's even worse then I remember it. :( DH what were you thinking.....

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When is the TPB being released?
Sometime next month, there's also a French hardcover version as well. I have to say I quite like that style.
Everything is always cooler in French
Comic threads are pure cringe.

ETA: that's an amazing French cover, though.

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Yay! Thanks again Whedonesque. I was just wondering when #8 was due to be released as I don't read the comics until the TPBs come out. You guys always come through with the pertinent info.
There's some distractingly off-model character drawings in this issue. What happened to Spike's head in the last panel on page 12?
Do mean the one in the Cafe, yeah it is a little off. But that's okay, I thought Jeanty did great work on this issue and that Joss' writing in it was funny and spot on. I really enjoyed this issue. It kinda annoys me that people continue to bag the comic book when no one is forcing you to read it. I mean the first time it's release, sure comment as much as you like, be critical, say what you think. But if you're really that set on never wanting to hear or read the comics ever again, then there's a simple solution. Don't.
Sorry if that seems rude. Please tell me if I'm breaking any rules here.
Don't what? If you're telling other posters how they should post, please don't.
Not at all. What I said was that if you're really set on not wanting to read or hear anything about the comics again, then don't listen to it, ignore it if it's really bothering you. Rather then repeatedly bagging the comic book on these sorts of threads. It gets a bit repetitive.
Oh I'll read It again, mainly to see If DH/JW are serious about learning from past mistakes with this franchise.

I still boggle at some of the creative decisions they made with this concerning certain characters.

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Didn't mean it to seem like was attacking you sueworld2003, absolutely not. I really hope it wasn't interpreted that way.

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