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May 25 2011

Seth Green scheduled for The Late Late Show tonight on CBS. Be sure to tune in.

Just watched the Family Guy (jedi) episode last night and they had a funny bit about Seth Green never being in anything "good" and Chris (voiced by SG) says something like, How about Buffy the vampire slayer? That was very popular..." (the emperor and darth vader disagreed)

It was deliciously unexpected.
Will do, thanks!

Seth Green's great and Ferguson is the only late night host I can really stand for very long. I actually like him and think he's pretty funny.
For me, it's partly because Craig basically gets that his job is pretty ludicrous, and because he's not a crucial show for people to book onto, he manages generally to get guests who actually want to come hang out with him for ten or fifteen minutes.

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b!X, that's a big part of it. That and that he seems to genuinely like to have a conversation with his guests, not just ask generic questions promoting their newest 'thing.'

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