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"I watched 'Passions' with Spike. Let us never speak of it."
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May 26 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar wants to honor her fandom with 'Ringer'. A nice interview that also includes what excites her most about her upcoming series.

I think it's smart that she knows a big part of whether or not this show will be successful depends on Buffy fans. Purely because she plays the lead, a lot of Buffy fans will at least check it out. More than that, I think it's good that while being aware of that, she also knows she needs to work on actually good projects to keep the potential Buffy-crossover-fans interested.

Having read the script and assuming they keep delivering the same kind of quality episodes for the rest of the show, this show has the potential to do well on all accounts.
I'm feeling shades of Dollhouse with this series, can't place exactly why.
Well in the trailer she did fall asleep and wake up and become a different person...
Is it the writer, editor, or software that produced "who dun nit"?
I'd forgotten/hadn't heard about her kid, that was cute. And, if I'm reading between the lines correctly, I'd probably watch this for her alone, just to watch her do it.
People have actually compared Nikita to Dollhouse in reviews of the show, with the whole spy versus evil, powerful, secret organization thing. Nikita has sort of become my new girl power show in the wake of Buffy, but I'm looking forward to seeing another great show to go with it.

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Arkham258, completely agree about Nikita. I watched the whole first season recently and couldn't believe I almost gave up on it a few episodes in, it's so good.

Really looking forward to Ringer though, and will be great having SMG back on TV.
Oh NOW she wants to honor her fandom...
It was only a matter of time.
It seems that there was promo shoots for Ringer and Nikita today

Thanks for Chaz for spotting these

Tweet from Maggie Q:

Shooting CW promos today with Kris Polaha from the new show RINGER. This it! Such a great guy!!!!!!!

CW Tweet
@luckycatgirl #ringer shoot is today too! #smg looks amazing!!/CW_network/status/73887463852093440
I'm also feeling a Dollhouse vibe, and not in a good way! Then again, I'm bitter. Wonder if Smidge will be at SDCC?
Oh NOW she wants to honor her fandom...

The SMG bashing was old back when Buffy was on the air. It's even more putrid these days. If I see anymore comments of this nature, accounts will be suspended/deactivated.
She comes across as so amazingly grounded and kind in interviews, she really gets her fans. It's exciting to think we'll be able to see SMG on TV again. The show looks great and her acting skills should never not be utilized.
AMCsoldier, IrrationaliTV: Okay, when has SMG ever not honored BtVS, Joss Whedon himself, and her fans that she earned from the show? When has she not spoken positively and graciously about Buffy? (And I'm talking real examples that can be cited, not just a general bunch of "fanon" that has grown over the years that has no real source)

I understand that SMG was given the B*tch of Fandom crown long ago, but I've yet to see her publicly badmouth the show, the creators, or any of her castmates (unlike some of those castmates...). All this leftover bitterness that is coming out with SMG actually being on TV again is ridiculous and comes across rather petty and I honestly don't get it at all.
Agreed syd. In fact one of the things that impresses me most about SMG is that though (even without paying much attention to gossip surrounding BtVS at the time) it seems she's not necessarily on great personal terms with e.g. Joss she still gives him total respect in interviews for what he did with the show, his abilities as a writer etc. She's also always displayed pride in and fondness for the show itself, even though she's also clearly wanted to move on professionally. Not always an easy line to walk yet she does it with professionalism, wit and no small amount of grace.

Gonna be great to see her onscreen again (especially since it's starting to sound as if the show could be pretty decent).

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I figured there would be some snarky comments about SMG somehow not having met someone's silly standards. It really is tiresome and petty.
syd, I have no idea. I don't know where those complaints come from. I'm used to seeing them though and was sad when I saw it here. Please don't think I agree with those kinds of comments. I don't. At all.
It seems backlash against SMG was due to her not participating in Buffy related projects while David has always been available for conventions and voicework for the Buffy video games. I don't see any reason to hold that against her. I don't hold it against Eliza that she didn't do a show based on Faith. We don't own these people and they can have lives outside of Buffy. They can do what they choose with their life. I will always feel a sense of gratitude to SMG for seven years of wonderful Buffy stories. Let's face it, she embodied that role and I respect her for giving seven years of her life to Joss and to the fans

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