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May 26 2011

"It was lightning in a bottle" - an audio interview with Sean Maher. It starts at around the 3:06 mark. Sean chats about Firefly, keeping in touch with the rest of the cast, the fandom, his new show 'The Playboy Club' and his love for 'Dexter'.

3 minutes of silence?
Well... that was awkward.
Once Sean got into full swing it was good to listen to.
Sean doesn't know about the Browncoat Ball every year and no one has invited him?! (Floodgates will open now) Wow. Sean, you know, you could have come on the Browncoat Cruise - were you not available? :)
LOL I thought there was something wrong w/my iMac, I'm glad you guys told me about the 3 minutes of silence! Sean is the only BDH I've never met, I would love to meet him someday. I would think that Sean and his little family would enjoy going on a Browncoat Cruise.
It was definitely good when Sean got talking, but some people need to realize that interviewing is a skill...
I always enjoy Sean's interviews - thanks for posting.

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