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January 08 2004

(SPOILER) Angel 5x09 'Harm's Way' Trailer. Ladies and Gentlemen, We have a trailer! (tinsy clips for other episodes as well - including episode 100).

hmmmm, the links not working so here's the link to the Harm's Way page which has a link to the trailer on it.
The original link's not working because it's referencing a Javascript that's on The WB website and not on Whedonesque. The correct link if you want to reference the webpage the QuickTime movie is on is here.
There all fixed, I put a spoiler tag on it and amended your post to show that it was not just for Harm's Way. Would it kill the WB to have a trailer solely for Harms's Way and another general one for the sweeps episodes?
Those bastards at the WB need fucking SPOILER tags. I caught this trailer at the end of the last (repeated) ep, and was so pissed to have been spoiled.

Grr. Arg.
Thanks for all the necessary fixes, and to defend the WB, they are showing because of viewers are more than likely to watch in an effort to see , so I kinda see why they would do that, but i do agree, they need a trailor just for harms way.
Fraying, you might not be as spoiled as you think, at least not for this next episode! The promo they showed has kibbles 'n bits from multiple episodes, all blended into one gooey mess - a lot like most of those UPN "Buffy" promos were.

If you are Unspoiled and got any real spoilage from this promo, I salute you!

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