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May 26 2011

Maurissa Tancharoen is now on Tumblr. It's where fandom seems to be migrating to these days.

Following. I wonder if you automatically become awesome if you're part of the Whedon family. Or if it's just a coinkydink. Who am I kidding, I don't believe in coincidences, they're just all awesome.

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Everyone's a hero, in their own way...
That blog almost made me cry.
Frankly, I'm confused. Which is normal....
Great post about Lupus, etc. Brilliant and heartbreaking.
Really was. I didn't realise she actually had it, thought she had a scare a while back but it turned out not to be Lupus (think I even cracked a 'House' related joke about how it's never Lupus which, knowing what I know now, was in questionable taste).

Following. I wonder if you automatically become awesome if you're part of the Whedon family.

"...nearly two decades" she's been dealing with this. Reckon wee Mo brought her own fair share of awesome to the Whedon party.
Don't deny that.
And I don't deny that you don't deny that ;).

(wasn't an accusation, more an observation that she didn't become anything)
No, dude. I got that, I was agreeing with you, she was totally awesome beforehand. It was a joke:) just referencing the fact that the Whedons are awesome.
Cool, thought I might've caused offence.

(and Friday's my day of the week for not causing offence to people on the internet. Well, Fridays in 2011 anyway. In May. Late May. So long as it's after noon BST. It's important not to aim too high, only leads to disappointment ;)
Here's hoping writing about the lupus helps. How awful.
So the acrobatics are, for now, confined to the verbal variety. She's got "mad skillz" in that department, as well. I look forward to reading more.
She's such a Mo. A fine Lady Mo. She wrote so candidly and thoroughly about her disease and her ongoing struggles that I feel almost ashamed that I ever bitch about anything in my life ever... though I know that's not why she wrote.

She's totally my hero - and I'll never bitch about anything ever again... until I do.

She is some writer, though, isn't she?
I knew she has Lupus but I never realized how bad it is. Honestly, I know nothing about Lupus, only that it's auto-immune.

Here's hoping that she gets better soon. She's awesome and even though we can't physically help, if kind words and good thoughts can maybe at least bring a smile to her face, then I'm sending all of that towards her.
I knew she had Lupus, but she looks and seems (and writes!) so great(ly) that I thought it was a kind of mild thing. Turns out she's not just talented and funny but also mega brave and strong. And I thought I admired her before!
Wow. That was a stunning piece and I honestly don't know what to say. Bless her.
Christine Miserandino, author of The Spoon Theory, also has Lupus. I'd recommend to anyone to read that article.

Spoons eh ? Jesus but that's an effective analogy. The rest of us should count ours and be thankful.
Yes, I know there's been a lot of people grateful for that piece of writing as it shows their friends and family exactly what they have to go through.

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