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May 27 2011

New Faith Polystone Statue from Sideshow Collectibles. Full reveal on 5/31 with pre-orders starting 6/2. A very good likeness of Eliza Dushku.

Thanks to @AmyWhedonite for the info on this. She's having trouble loggin in to W right now, but wanted to make sure she got credit for the find.

Ehhhh. It looks nice, but I don't completely see the resemblance. For one thing, what's with the pencil thin eyebrows? Also, Eliza has a more rounded face, I think. Her cheeks aren't that angular when she smiles. Good try, though.
I've never seen a figure of Eliza that looks like her, and this is no exception.

My favourite is my cartoony one from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. :)
I know she's Faith and all, but I seem to remember her wearing slightly more clothing during most of her slaying outings. Except the one with the gators...shame we never saw that.
I think she's meant to look like Faith on the cover of Buffy: S8 #6. That's what she wore on that cover, no?
Eliza seems to have one of the hardest likenesses to capture.

Yup, that the almost exact cover and outfit. Different pants(I think the others were brown), no spray can, added weapons and she's looking to her left instead of straight forward.

I hate to say it, but I love it. I wish I hated it, because it's so price-y.
Tags require a comma between them, I fixed that for you. And if they're doing Season 8 poses, I wonder which one will be next? The Willow one from Issue 3?
They've already done Willow and I'm afraid she looked like a 'street walker'. They seem to be really ramping up the sexual element when It comes to this line so far. I personally found the Willow prototype really disturbing myself for all sorts of reasons. :(
Here's the Willow one. Maybe not quite 'street walker' (or not much like most of the prostitutes i've seen anyway. Err, not seen just, y'know, seen ;) but definitely much more sexualised than you'd think appropriate for Willow's character (I think it fits more for Faith), kind of a 'sexy schoolgirl' which is actually way creepier than 'street walker' IMO.

The resemblance to Eliza is closer than with many of these statues, not perfect but you can see it's there. Never sticking down nearly 150 quid for one in a month of Sundays but i've spent more on [what some would see as] less, everybody's got their interests.

ETR an inappropriate 'but'. Pun away Merrill, pun away.

[ edited by Saje on 2011-05-28 09:56 ]
That Willow one depresses me, it's just wrong.
Glad It's just not me then. I imagine It was done that way to pander to the mostly male collectors market.
Willow wouldn't be that bad if someone painted on some pants. Which I would, if I was rich and okay with making a price-y limited piece that... "un-minty".
Yikes, that Willow one is creepy. (Not to mention wildly out of character.) If they wanted a sexy Willow, why not just do one of Vampire Willow?

The Faith one is much better, though the facial resemblance is not so much.
If Willow was gonna sport that miniskirt, you know she'd have some purple tights on, at the very least. Her innate modesty isn't evident at all, here. And why is the Buffy statue the only one with "real cloth clothes tailored to fit..."?

And yep on the (lack of) resemblance. I know the tech is out there, I just saw an uncanny likeness of Capt. Jack Sparrow at Toys R Us, fer cryin' out loud.
I think sueworld2003 nailed it right on the head - these are aimed for the male collectors. Which is sad. Don't get me wrong - I'm glad they're still making statues (Although those of us who are broke would prefer the smaller collectable figures.) but ya gotta wonder what demographic they're aiming for.

All the bared midriffs and short skirts/low-cut pants and "sultry looks" on the figures are actually kind of a turnoff. For me, anyway. If they wanted to make Willow sexy (And why? That wasn't how she was comfortable.) they could have gone with her Halloween outfit (With removable Boo sheet!) or her ice cream truck outfit from Xander's dream in "Restless." Or, as someone mentioned, her vamp outfit.

I'm actually scared to think what they'll do to the other Scoobies. Are they going to attempt to make Giles, Oz, Riley and Xander sexy? What about Tara? I can see Anya in her "Once More, With Feeling" outfit, belting out her bunnies song, but what would they do to Cordelia?
Are they going to attempt to make Giles, Oz, Riley and Xander sexy?

Well...ASH has been Frank N. Furter (scroll down the interview for a pic) I'll let other's decide on the sexy factor.

Oz...umm, trying to picture that...Well, found this picture.

Riley...Er, for some reason I keep picturing him cage dancing in that seen from Smashed where Wilow and Amy temporarily toy with people at the Bronze. It's not really sexy though. Kind of...ick, actually.

Now Xander... Vamp Xander was insanely hot. :D (If you ignore his mass murdering aspect.)


And regarding the Willow statue:

The problem for me is not just the mini skirt (too short and Willowy is so correct on the tights), but that the body language is all wrong for Willow. We've seen Willow be terribly sexy in some scenes with both Tara and Kennedy--and that pose is just not in character. That's not how Willow would be sexy.
Drag shots and bestiality...nicely done BreathesStory! How very sexy indeed...
I find this stuff so irritating. Some comic books (and by extension manga) characters have absolutely fantastic and true-to-form models and figures so if they're rendering the image from the drawing there really shouldn't such a difficult problem - I mean, seriously? They seem to be aiming for some mesh between Chen's artwork and the actual person and it just looks fugly.

I much prefer the Toon ones. Kinda wish they were Jeanty though. Sets in his style would be ah-mazing!

I think you looked at the wrong line of statue. The Buffy that goes with this line has a red short dress and sits on a throne. Don't ask me why. I think I recall sideshow saying they wanted to show that she was a leader or something.
That isn't what Willowy meant. I've been collecting these action figures for quite a few moons, yet this series is completely wrong. It doesn't capture the character! Willow doesn't wear this style. You see, it's completely wrong.

That's what Willowy meant!

Who are you talking to?

I assumed it was me, since you wrote right after my post, but in that case you didn't get what I said in my post, since I was talking about the Buffy statues, not the Willow statue.

[ edited by Skytteflickan88 on 2011-05-29 09:58 ]
I assume they're trying to tap into the anime/manga statues market which is huge in Japan and in certain places/context in the west. And yes, they are mostly purchased by males who apparently want nothing more than to decorate their room with giant breasts.

Even as a male myself I find it odd/creepy. Then again my room is decorated in video game and Disney paraphernalia so I'm not exactly the 'typical' adult male.
Thing is I belong to various collector's forums and (with a few exceptions) the blokes on there seem to see nothing wrong with how this line is coming across so far, and in particular what some people find wrong with the depiction of Willow which staggers me to be frank. So yes, they do seem to be pandering to mainly men, and dare I say men who have never seen the show If thats how they visualize Willow when they think of her.

Are we going to see a half naked Spike/Angel set in a sexually provocative pose? Somehow I doubt it...*g*
Mmm....half-naked Angel....oh. Sorry. I went away for a moment.

The only good thing I can say about these latest statues is at least the clothes fit better than the first ones that came out with the clothing made of material. The clothes on those always looked out of scale. They looked like little kids playing dress-up in their parents' clothes.

They should really poll us before they release a new statue. We'd set 'em straight!
If I don't get a slutty Spike or Angel, I'm going to be pissed.

I want come-hither-looks and unbuttoned shirts.
"I want come-hither-looks and unbuttoned shirts."

Failing that, how about NO shirts. Although blue-shirted Spike should definitely be an option.
Skytteflickan, please forgive, I always get so worked up when these action figure discussions come about. I sometime lose my senses. Sorry, didn't mean to imply on you, just the topic:)
Wait a minute! Sexy poses on MEN!?! Outrageous! Isn't that against like the laws of feminism or something? Aren't we to be objectified in an effort to prove our superiority over men because we don't need to objectify them? While they're busy salivating over some hypersexualised piece of plastic we're running the world! Girl Power! Margaret Thatcher! Spice Girls! Playboy! Females for the win!

Ahem, sarcasm.
@ Madhatter

That's cool, it's not like I'm always cristal clear. :)
Er... confused by your comment, BlueSkies. Couching something in something much? Your "sarcasm" doesn't seem to quite be that. Could you just be being an ass?
Hmph! Thought I had perfect sarcasm. Now, I only see a greened-eyed monster!
Not you Maddy, unless you've changed your moniker.
Nope, definitely sarcasm.

[ edited by BlueSkies on 2011-05-30 08:12 ]
Blueskies, do you fancy explaining what on earth your little rant meant, because personally I haven't a clue. *g*
Alright, fine:
It's anti sexualising both genders in general. Taking the piss out of the women who(are not on this board)claim that their sexuality helps them to gain more prominence in the world which would suggest that if we were to have men posed in such ways they would in turn have more power. What I said was meant as a joke, implying that there is no real justification for the Willow doll whatsoever. Hypersexualising her image in no way makes her more successful a character.
It was a piss take on the justification of sexualisation.
Can't see the confusion, but okay(although throwing Maggie T in there may have caused an eyebrow to raise, she's surely not Angelina looking, but she was a woman in charge...much like the spice girls).
Are we going to see a half naked Spike/Angel set in a sexually provocative pose?

I'm getting my credit card out...

Though that's pretty much canon. ;)
Yeah, but what's betting he'll be shown wearing his costume from season 2 and in Vampface yet again...*g*
Do we have to call each other names?
Skytteflickan88 are you referring to something I said or the person who called me an ass?
If it was me that somehow brought that into play then I apologise. It wasn't intended.
If it's not me, then I think it best if the name calling just gets ignored, let it pass and eventually it'll be forgotten about. It was someone's complete and utter misunderstanding. It happens on the internet.
It wasn't you.

I wish I had just e-mailed a mod, it really wasn't my place to say anything. But now it's out there. And misunderstanding or no, name calling is bad even when well deserved.
I don't completely see the resemblance. For one thing, what's with the pencil thin eyebrows?

Looks like there is a lack of eye liners in the market, cause someone called Khal Drogo has using it all.
I like to think we can discuss action figures without disparaging sarcasm or namecalling in response to it. Do email us if you see a comment here you think is out of line. Responding to it in kind never ends well.

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