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May 29 2011

2011 CSTS Los Angeles Logo and Shirts. Popular graphic artist Adam Levermore designed the CSTS LA Logo.

Anonymous1, not to steal your thunder, but I finally received my River Tam "The Fireflies" shirts a few days ago. Tickled pink with them!

No thunder involved.
Adam always does an amazing job, I love his work (I've always wished I could buy more of those Joss Whedon as director cartoon buttons he made).
FYI: Only 22 tickets remain for the Los Angeles screening. We've got more cool stuff to announce in the coming weeks as well. Just getting the details ironed out. And yes, Adam does some awesome stuff, and we are very happy he had the time to do this for us.
This shirt is pretty cool looking.

I too received my River Tam and the Fireflies shirt a couple of weeks ago. :( it shrank when I washed it. Still too cute to stick in a drawer so my daughter is wearing it proudly.

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