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May 30 2011

Custom made Inara figure. Ages ago I posted a link to a fan board where some 1.6th scale figure fans had created their own Firefly custom figures. Here's the latest update on this project and which now includes a simply beautiful Inara as well as updated versions of the rest of the crew.

WOW, those are beautiful and look just like them.
Yes! Those are exceptionally well-crafted and look just like our BDH's. I like the way Wash is not presented in that overly cartoony manner most reproductions fall into.
Astounding work. Looking forward to seeing the Tams, and hope the artist also does our Mrs Reynolds.

Gotta say though looks like somebody has just said the wrong thing to Zoe.
Wow, that group shot is great. Wonderful artistry on those. How much fun would it be to own the whole set?
Those are spectacular. They all look like bloody amazing cosplayers.
Maybe the women are harder to capture, cause Inara, Kaylee and Zoe all seem to have something off about them. Mal, Wash and Jayne are pretty good, I must say.

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So much better than the professionals do! I suppose in defense of Sideshow/Diamond Select/Moore Action Collectables they're producing for the mass market, so some detail can't be obtained/will be lost.

I love the look on Wash's face. It's so Wash.

My only minor quibble is that Inara's bow is strung too far down the tips. There should be notches at the tips that the string loops around. But maybe that'll come later.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the whole crew. And maybe some secondary characters, too? YoSaffBridge and Badger would be most welcome.
Incredibly fine detail work.
Fantastic! I really enjoyed seeing those figures, I am also in awe of the talent to create these!! Exquisite detailing. Very Awesome :)

I second the hope that YoSaffBridge & Badger make an appearance one day.
They are all pretty amazing. Yeah, there's some bits off here and there (Inara's jaw to cheek area, Wash's upper lip area, for ex.), but modeling at that scale is friggin' hard. Likenesses are sooo much easier to capture at a larger scale--like say, 1:1.
@sueworld2003 Thanks for posting this! I'm not a member of that board, so if you wouldn't mind, please let the poster know I've reposted this to my Firefly class website: Thanks!
The Mal is a must-have! Love!
I would buy the shit out of those. Just sayin'.

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