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May 30 2011

Nathan Fillion is Jefferson Reid, Ace American in The Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast. The Thrilling Adventure Hour is a monthly live stage show that sends up '40s radio. Writer Ben Acker - @bnacker on Twitter - confirmed that Nathan Fillion plays Jefferson Reid in Episode 21.

A lot of Whedon people have appeared in it in addition to Fillion - Amber Benson, Danny Strong, Tom Lenk, Adam Busch, Juliet Landau and more. The show is also available for free on iTunes.

I haven't ever seen or listened to any of the ones with Nathan Fillion, but I saw one show performed live at San Francisco's Sketchfest a few months ago with Neil Patrick Harris, Donal Logue and Colin Hanks. Very funny show, and if I lived in LA, I'd make a point of checking it out every month, no matter who was guest starring in it.
The show is a lot of fun. I'm fortunate enough to live in LA and have been able to go every month for the last three years. No matter who they have guest star, it is always worth the evening out.
Wasn't Nathan's episode posted about here a while back? I think that's how I read about it and then heard it.
Nathan Fillion has done a few of these, so I think this is just the most recent, though I could be mistaken. However, previous ones would have been posted at the time.

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