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May 30 2011

Tiny Doctor Horrible. Maurissa Tancharoen posted on Twitter the cutest costume ever.

You cannot beat a baby Doctor Horrible.

hee, I have been getting so many retweet mentions since I sent that to Mo!
These kids are lucky to have such smart and creative mommies! So cool! Loved the pink batgirl most of all...
That is just so gosh-derned adorable.
That's just so incredibly adorable.
I loved the Darth Vader in the black and pink tutu (complete with princess crown) myself. *two thumbs up!* There's just something so delightfully post-modern about it.
Those are all so freaking cute.
O-M-G! Tiny Dr. Horrible is the cutest thing eveeeeer! When I have a kid, he/she is totally getting dressed up like this. I can't think of a cuter way to proudly display my nerdom and love for all things Joss!
So... basically, that's what would have happened if Amidala hadn't been given over to her adoptive parents and raised by Vader? Cuz... that probably would have gone much better for the galaxy. Also, I would have loved to see Palpatine stuck as a babysitter.

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