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May 31 2011

An open request to the producers of Castle. Peter David says "You need to start casting other actors from Firefly in Castle.... Oh, and have Joss Whedon write and direct an episode".

I have no idea who this man is.
It's his 39th mention on the front page.
I prefer the subtle nods. I like the little meta surreality they have going on n Castle - I like that it's a separate show. I like that Castle will mention "looks like Buffy's visited the Big Apple" - it's a subtle nod to Joss, Buffy and Fillion's fans themselves.

A guest star might be fun, but having such blatant connects as having Jewel Staite as a mechanic seems like a gimmick they would use to try to draw in viewers. How many other exciting roles could they come up with for Jewel? It seems like a cry from the show that they don't think they're good enough so they have to draw off the other show just to make viewers watch.

The subtle kisses to the show is lovely - and I want them to keep putting them in. But I don't want to be slapped in the face with constant reminders that Firefly is gone.
As much as I love PAD, I don't think that it's fair to peg Summer Glau with a canceled show curse. The "curse" was supposed to be for all of the ex-Firefly cast, and considering how long shows like 'Castle' and 'Chuck' have been running, I really think that we can declare it done with.
gossi - For a large number of comic book fans and Star Trek fans, Peter David is a Joss Whedon. He has a knack for funny dialogue, for reinventing tired old characters, for writing plots that include intelligent people doing intelligent things, poking fun at tropes, and knitting together major previous plot holes (say, from the different Star Trek shows) in ways that seem afterward obvious and necessary. He's focused mostly on original novels these days.

Shorter answer: He wrote the Spike/Dracula miniseries.
Aha. I wondered what the Whedonverse link was.
He has the unique honour of having a Whedonverse character crossing over to his own comic book series.
I love the idea of Ron Glass as the new captain (it was suggested on the forums last week) and I love the idea of any Firefly cast member making a guest appearance but I think it needs to stick with being a subtle nod rather than in your face. I don't want Joss to write because I love all the characters too much to see one of them go!
The thing with doing it all in one episode, even though it'd give me an easy chance to watch just that one episode is that its... one episode. I'd rather odd cool 'verse people scattered around for whenever a part fits them. More likely to get substantial parts that way, too!
I liked his blog but wasn't it meant to be satire? That's taking friends-from-another-show nepotism to a very uncomfortable level.
Most of those are a bit on the nose (though more tongue-in-cheek than satire IMO since from his responses in comments he's either taking "commit to the bit" to a whole other level by also posting satirical responses OR he's semi-serious too - "half jest, whole earnest" as the saying goes) but done subtly, sure why not have more of the cast in there if the part's right for them and once they're in there, sure why not also have a funny little nod ? Done well it's a nice little extra for the fans.

(having them all in one episode would be way over the top but then he doesn't suggest that as far as I can tell)
"Oh, and have Joss Whedon write and direct an episode. Because we need an episode with crackling, snappy and yet occasionally oddly phrased dialogue..."

I never think the dialog is the problem. It does it's job and is entertaining enough that I'm still watching. And it's never stupid. That helps. ;) The problem is usually in the uninspired mystery plot. I do think it got a lot better last season though. The integration of Castle's family life is still somewhat forced and awkward.

I also like all the characters for the most part, especially Espisito and Ryan. They are great together and rarely have enough to do-a side effect of the series being called "Castle," I'm sure. They get some really nice bits of dialog.

The one nice thing Joss would bring to the series IMO (although not in a one-off), would be a greater sense of character arcs and development. It wouldn't have to be as heavy as in less procedural shows, but I think a little more would strengthen it.

And as far as the guest starage goes, I think it would be more fun to see our BDHs get to exercise their acting chops by playing different characters. Joss always casts magnificently. It's one of the best parts of a new Joss project, discovering new great actors to appreciate and follow. Plus, I want to see Jewel Staite play a murderer. ;)
He forgot the crappy old car that breaks down a lot. That's very important.
I'll go with this @breathesstory if your idea comes to fruition -- Jewel Slaite aka cold heartless killer. ;-)
Peter David is a god among men. And monkeys who can type.
On Wonderfalls, didn't Jewel ? She made quite an impression.
Simon, which character crossed over into which Peter David comic book series? I had no idea about this. As to the "Firefly" actors, I think it would be awesome if Ron Glass showed up on "Castle" - not as a clerical figure, but in a good role, because I think of all the "Firefly" crew, this gentleman has gotten the least exposure lately. As to Joss Whedon writing/directing an episode, isn't he a little busy with some secret project we never hear about? :)
Illyria was a major character in a Fallen Angel mini-series.

He even commented about it at Whedonesque.
Peter David also wrote some of the Spike comics (Spike Vs. Dracula).
I just think Beckett should have a secret poker crew of her own that Castle's not invited to... which he discovers are Jewel, Morena, Gina, and Summer. But do it in like season 9 when everything's stale and self-referential.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2011-05-31 17:13 ]
That should actually be in the finale for Castle ... years and YEARS down the road, Nathan!
I love seeing the Firefly/Serenity in-jokes. I also love seeing the actors get some cameos. That said, I think Castle does very well on its own. A few winks and nods are much more interesting than a hammer over the head. Just give everyone else the lead in their own primetime series :)
The secret poker group would make a funny dream(nightmare) sequence for Castle though.
Call me crazy, but I'd rather not see Castle turn into Firefly Redux. A little nod or a hat tip here an there is one thing, but I watch Castle because I like Castle. It's its own show, with its own writers, directors, actors and guest stars and given that it is now highly successful in its own right, it seems a little insulting to its creators to try to repurpose it as a Firefly fanboy wish fulfillment fantasy.
TonyaJ, no Jewel Stait didn't play what you said. She plays Eric's estranged wife. Jaye does suspect Jewel, but it turns out that she has mis-interpreted some things.
They just need to get Alan Tudyk on Castle. He mentioned at a convention appearance that maybe if Castle got a second season, he could be on it. Well Castle has gotten that and more, so when are they going to make that happen? ;-) Nathan and Alan are great together.
If it is a single guest appearance, make it like Mitch Pileggi in "A Deadly Game". That was an amusing role, even without the meta.
I think Alan Tudyk's new series "Suburgatory" is on ABC. Maybe they will watch it on "Castle." :)

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