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May 31 2011

Guardian interview with Olivia Williams. It's the latest installment in the newspaper's "Portrait of the artist" series.

Always nice to read a piece about Olivia. I do enjoy her anecdotal nuggets. Mind you some of those comments - oof!
Playing a corpse in a cop show definitely sounds like a low point, but perhaps not as not as low as Kevin Costner being cut out of even playing the corpse in The Big Chill. ;) (I think his wrists are on film, for what, 30 seconds?) So, they apparently have something in common besides The Postman. I wonder if they experienced a corpse bonding thing...

And by the way, that was a pretty nice leap she makes onto that horse. (As shown in the embedded You Tube linked trailer for The Postman.) That's not an easy thing to do!

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