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"What else would I wanna pump you for?"
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May 31 2011

Muppets...and Firefly. Not sure if this has already been posted, but figured everyone would get a kick out of this.

That's very awesome. I now have to show a whole bunch of people. :)
Brilliant. Love them all.
This is all sorts of awesome.
Really great stuff!!

So how long before the lawyers are out in force delivering their cease and desist letters???
Two of my favorite worlds together at last. Fantastic.

I especially love that Fozzie/Jayne's rubber chicken is Vera. That made me laugh.
Trying to sing the words of the Firefly theme to the tune of the Muppets Theme here...
You beat me to it Simon. I was just about to post that.
Kermit makes a good Mal.
Wash and Wembley are essentially the same person. Same wardrobe, even.
Simon as Beaker is my favorite. Now I'm imagining all of Simon's lines replaced by Beaker's inarticulate squeaks...

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