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May 31 2011

Morena Baccarin joins Showtime series "Homeland." Series also stars Mandy Patinkin and Damian Lewis. From "24" vets Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa.

Well, Mandy will hang in there for a season before he bolts. Again.
Wasn't Howard Gordon on "Buffy" early on?
Yes, Shapenew, Buffy, Angel, The Inside (whedon adjacent) then 24.
Damian Lewis and Claire Danes? Awesome. I'd give this a chance even without Morena.
Mandy Patinkin, Claire Danes, Moreena Baccarin, and the guys who did 24? Huh. I may need to get Showtime.
I guess that means 'V' was canceled? I never followed the show.

But this sounds like a really cool new show with an interesting cast. I heart Mandy Patinkin!

edit: luls I commented before I actually read the article.

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Terrific cast. Damian Lewis is back!

I miss Life. "sniff"

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