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May 31 2011

Whedonesque Burlesque in Seattle: We'll be in our bunk. A Whedon-inspired burlesque show (late of Madison, WI) is coming to Seattle. Tickets on sale June 1.

I'm not sure I want to see the moderators here naked. (No offense, I rarely want to see anyone naked.) What do you mean it's not this WHEDONesque? There's another one? I shake my fist and make a face!
This is... weird.
.....oooookay. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.
Hmm, doesn't seem so weird to me. I'm aware of both Star Wars and Manga-themed burlesque. This is just the welcome next step. ;-)
Wow, everyone is acting so prudish LOL. Live a little.

I can't stop laughing at Theatre Off Jackson
It's not that I'm prudish. More surprised. Never really thought of/heard about anything like this before. And yes, I realize I'm being defensive now.
I like the performers' stage names, and I see from the comments that someone's on the verge of forming a Straight Men for Enver Gjokaj club. If I were in the neighborhood, I'd buy a ticket.
Well they all look like they are having a tremendous amount of fun! I think it's a bit kinky and cool - but yikes! The girl with the crotch sparks? Brave, much?
I wonder if we can sue for use of our name, or just because it's tacky?
"The Fighting Women of Performers' Forge" has to be the best porn name ever.

I'm not sure I'd be comfortable watching it myself, but, the fact that such a thing exists tickles me too much to make a fuss. It's just such a mind-blowingly bizarre and hilarious idea.
Geek Burlesque is popular among the fans here in Toronto, and lots of young women are into it. They seem to find it empowering.
My eyes went huge when I saw the crotch sparks.
Crotch sparks? Where?

I think this a amazing idea. @Simon, if you look far down, you se they leave credit to this site. Not sure if that make you feel better or not.

I wish I was living anywhere near. Sounds so swesome. It seems like this has been done before

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Not sure I really understand the attraction...will just stick to slashfic methinks.
Where are the scantily clad dudes? I guess burlesque has an all-female implication? *sigh*
Huh. This is... intriguing, shall we say... but I think I may pass.
Yeah, burlesque has always been a mostly female thing. It seems to have gone up in popularity over the last two decades. I know that whole Suicide Girls thing was popular.

Burlesque actually has an interesting history that goes back as far as the late 1800s I think
Didn't the article say both women and men would be in it?

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