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June 01 2011

(SPOILER) Russell T Davies talks about Buffy and working with Jane Espenson. As you'd expect, there's big spoilers for the upcoming series of Torchwood.

Wow, thank you for that link. Boy did he share some significant spoilers. I love his question about Tara, I would have loved to hear Espenson's response to Davies.

The Torchwood writer's room sounds like it could have been its own dramedy.

I am very excited about the upcoming season and ordered Starz for this reason alone.
This is definitely the TV event of the summer that I am most looking forward to. I was not a big fan of the first two seasons of TORCHWOOD - though it did have its moments, like when James Masters buried Captain Jack. But CHILDREN OF EARTH was just incredible.

Is Captain Jack the most tragic hero ever. I used to think it was Buffy, with what she went through at the end of Seasons Two and Five, but what Jack went through with being buried and then the staggering sacrifices he made during CHILDREN. Plus dying repeatedly. Hitchcock lived by the adage, "Torture the woman." TORCHWOOD tortures Captain Jack.
All I know, is that I really miss stories from Jane. She's a wonder indeed.
I am really, really excited about Lauren Ambrose's character!
Children of the Earth is one of the best Sci-Fi stories I've ever seen in tv or film. Jack's decision at the end gave me IMMENSE respect for the writers. It was a gutsy move and not what I expected. It made Jack far more compelling than about 90% of other characters in Sci-Fi television
He had me at Lauren Ambrose.

I'm really looking forward to this. I was always a Torchwood fan, but each season cranks it up a few notches.

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