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June 01 2011

Jonathan Ross wants to know if there are any Joss Whedon fans out there. He's been watching Dollhouse, which he and his wife (she co-wrote Kick-Ass) love. He also jokes about going to a Dollhouse convention. If anybody is confused, he's the guy behind the great BBC Film 2005 review of Serenity, where it went on to win their Film of the Year award.

Joss Whedon? Yeah, think I heard that name before though I can't recall where :) Give me a sec, sure it will come back to me.
where it went on to win their Film of the Year award.

I remember the Firefly fandom voting for it en masse several times and the total bemusement of Ross' guests when it got mentioned on his end of year film show. They hadn't seen Serenity. Never had a film of the year been discussed for such a short time.
Any Joss Whedon fans ... Does he know how many people follow Nathan Fillion alone? He should be careful what he asks on Twitter. :)
Any Joss Whedon fans... really?!
Ah, well at least the joy is spreadin, and then the mind numbing sadness when your favourite character dies and the show is cancelled.
Got to say I really hated Kick-Ass. Which is semi-(not really at all sorta) related.
I love him. Both Wossy and Whedon. He's just such a legend, I mean his interviews are so funny even with really rubbish guests(Lady gaga and the phone hat?! Ugh!) his Sarah Michelle Gellar interview still cracks me up. And Kick Ass was major league phenomenal in my books, anything with the C word dropped like that just makes my movie list!
Now adding to his awesomeness, he likes Dollhouse? This man is unstoppable! Why did his show have to end?! It was a joke! Can't they take a joke?! Sad face.
Joss Whedon... Joss Whedon...

OH! You mean Josh Whedon, right?
They had a little video of Joss accepting that award. Ha. Happy memories.
He probably just wanted a little attention and knew that Joss Whedon's fans are always out there... just waiting to respond.
Loved Kick-Ass, my fav movie from last year. However, I hated Scott Pilgrim and Super, even with Nathan Fillion had disgust me.
There should be two or three around :)
His Film 2005 review at the time, for anyone who didn't see it. He seemed to like it. Ross is one of those people, like Jeremy Clarkson, who acts up a public persona but is actually a very bright and professional presenter.
Sci-fi epic ... why on earth couldn't the three most recent Star Wars films been a third as good as this?

Jonathan Ross needs to be a VIP here, immediately!! Can that be done? Friend and supporter of Whedon, that is marvelous. ETA: I apparently can't type worth s*** this morning.

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zz9: Ross is one of those people, like Jeremy Clarkson, who acts up a public persona but is actually a very bright and professional presenter.

Yeah, he really is. I've been following him on twitter since I first noticed he was on there. And I've liked him ever since I saw him do a hilarious interview some years ago with Ricky Gervais in which he kept cracking up Gervais. Very bright and funny, and comes across as quite a mensch, too. I like him.

He first mentioned Dollhouse late in April when he asked his followers:

"Am thinking of watching Joss Whedon's Dollshouse. Any good?" and apparently got a lot of response, 'cause he later replied:

"Thanks for all the advice re dollhouse. I will maybe save it for now and wait until I can watch 3 or 4 in a go to give it a chance."

I was glad to see that they were already "digging it" just a few days later.
Kickass was fantastic, I may have to follow him on Twitter

Scott Pilgrim is very polarizing, but it's one of my favorite movies of all time. I think some people just don't "get" Scott Pilgrim because whenever I debate its merits with people who hate it I realize that everything in that movie just seemed to go over their head
To me, one of the main problems of scott pilgrim, was the inability to lead the audience to mix reality with fantasy (comics/ videogames). Something that, for example, Sucher Punch did to me easily, changing the realms.
Johnathan's Twitter mailbox must be in pieces by now. Still send him a reply, though. If he comes back to Comic-Con next month for Eisner Awards, he'll meet a LOT of Whedon fans, and not just for Firefly and Dollhouse either. He'll be told about an evil doctor who sings, for one thing.
That's the thing, to me there WAS no reality in Scott Pilgrim. His life, his world is a video game. Many people don't seem to make that connection and hate the movie. There are so many times the movie makes that clear. If your life were like a video game, it would be like Scott Pilgrim

I haven't seen Sucker Punch yet, but the critics sure hated it
Arkham258, I just watched Sucker Punch and as long as you go in expecting Soctt Pilgrim on speed and not Girl Interrupted starring Lara Croft then you're okay. I really enjoyed, thought it was visually phenomenal and there was even some emotional resonance. It's like an anthology piece with a moving wrap around. Beautiful story friendship, belonging and persevearance. Give it a go. I thought it was better than Scott Pilgrim.
Is that because you didn't like 'Scott Pilgrim' or because you really rated 'Sucker Punch' though Blueskies ?

And yep, Wossy is a national treasure IMO (though admittedly the kind that some people can't stand), been watching his stuff since 'The Last Resort' back in the mid-late 80s, very quick, funny bloke. And watch any of his culture shows (e.g. 'Japanorama') and it quickly becomes extremely clear that he is of our people ;).
Saje, I really liked both, but SP kinda won out for me. I felt bad at the time seeing as I had heard it was so atrocious, but now I've come to terms with my unbridled love for it. I think there's just more to interpret and discuss.

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