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June 01 2011

Jane Espenson on Game of Thrones, Torchwood and Geek Girls. And Caprica, Once Upon a Time, Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), Buffy and writing in general as well. It's a good interview.

Great article, I was just hopping over here to post a link myself! Loved what she had to say about her Game of Thrones experience and I do hope to see her name in the credits again in Season 2.

Nice shout out to Felicia Day there, too. Can't wait for new Guild episodes!
I also hope she writes more "Game of Thrones" in the future. I thought her episode was the richest, most memorable one to date.
Great interview. Thanks for sharing.
Yes but in the right thread ;).
This is the right thread. ;)
Love Jane. She gets to write for all the coolest shows out there! She also gives great writerly advice. Great interview!
I'm 100% in support of Jane going for a stint on Glee... the more Buffy people on that show the better.
OMG!! An Espenson Glee!! I might explode!
Or, ZodKneelsFirst, you could just genuflect in gratitude... ;-)

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