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June 01 2011

Seth Green and Michelle Trachtenberg join 'Sexy Evil Genius'. The indie drama also stars Katee Sackhoff.

If the writing is anywhere up to the quality of the acting, this should be a winner...
ManEnough, you saw the part about Billy Baldwin. Right?
We are zima we are barf
We are cinderblock yard art
We are Baldwin brothers
Not the good one but the others
My two all time favorite shows are BUFFY and BSG, which makes me sort of their target audiences, and I just can't get excited.

For Katee Sackhoff, I'm much more excited about the pilot she is doing called LONGMIRE, a series I've read. It is about a Wyoming Sheriff. Sackhoff is playing Vic, his deputy. The other main character is Henry, Sheriff Longmire's best friend. I think Lou Diamond Phillips is playing that role. Could be your standard cop show meets NORTHERN EXPOSURE.
I don't think Seth and Michelle have been on screen together since that Fall Out Boy video.

It's around the 2:58 mark (if you're curious).

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