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June 02 2011

Eliza Dushku to star in online "motion comic" series of Torchwood. "Titled Torchwood: Web of Lies, Dushku will be front and center in the short-form story".

She is also going to appear in an upcoming episode of USA's 'White Collar'

I'm assuming the BBC will be showing here it too on their website.
Ooh animated series? Sounds exciting!! I hope it's a bonus feature on the eventual Blu-Ray/DVD.
This was confirmed in a deleted post on May 19th so how is it an exclusive for EW ?
It wasn't confirmed, it was a very broad Tweet wink from Jane Espenson that got turned into a news cycle and I had to delete several entries about it as I posted the news the week before.

Now it's official, plus we didn't know it was animated either.
Stories keep calling this a spinoff. It's not a spinoff. Torchwood was a spinoff. Angel was a spinoff. The Jeffersons was a spinoff. This is a Miracle Day ancillary, no more a spinoff than Face of the Enemy was to BSG.
Motion comic? I'd rather have a fully animated series or a static comic, but I'm sure this'll be enjoyable anyway, especially with Jane Espenson and Eliza Dushku.
I blanked the motion comic news about the spinoff. I've corrected the headline to avoid any potential confusion.

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