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June 02 2011

Happy Birthday Jewel Staite. And Morena Baccarin! A two-fer!

A big best wishes to two of the finest women in show biz!

Wow, a lot of cool people have birthdays today! Happy birthday to both Jewel and Morena!

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Happy Birthday to two very beautiful and talented ladies. :-)
Last night I had a dream where I had dinner with the California Browncoats and then drinks with Jewel and Morena. What the weird hell, brain?
Happy Birthday Jewel and Morena!!!
Happy birthday kaylee and inara!
Happy birthday to both Jewel and Morena! \o/
Happy birthday to Jewel & Morena and to my brother Scott today too!
Many happy birthday wishes to two of our Captain Tightpants' "angels" (cuz you know that Inara and Kaylee were like the good side avatars to Mal's internal debates, along with Zoe and River)!

Happy Birthday Jewel and Morena. And many more to come.
oh noes, now they're too old to revive firefly on netflix!
Happy Birthday to Jewel e Parabéns para a Morena.

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