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June 02 2011

SFX's top 10 guest stars. James Marsters, Brian Thompson and Tony Amendola get honorary shoutouts, Felicia Day is tenth and Mark Sheppard is number one.

coughAdamBaldwincough [GG]
I always liked it when Jeffrey Combs turned up in a show. Garret Dillahunt as well.
Felicia Day isn't playing Agent Brand in the Avengers, surely?? (Apart from anything else, Agent Brand is presumably wedded to the X-Men licence, which is currently in the hands of 20th Century Fox!)
I know Brand first appeared in Astonishing X-Men, but she's the CO of SWORD... I don't know the details of the liscensing agreement, but it seems unlikely that Fox could own every character to debut in an "X" book... That'd be half the Marvel stable...

More on topic, I loved the list & agree completely with Mr. Sheppard taking the top spot. He just seems to elevate every show he touches, regardless of how much it may've kicked ass before he got there.
I know this is an SFX article, but I always thought Mark Sheppard played a sweet role on Leverage as well as Crowley on Supernatural. You really have to love this guy, he's a scene stealer.
The Agent Brand thing was a rumor. Felicia tweeted saying it wasn't true last week.
You forgot Tony Todd, he was in an episode of Angel.
Glad I took a look. I wondered what happened to Stephen McHattie: If you’ve never seen Canadian zombie flick Pontypool you really need to, and all the other references.

Had a big crush on him even before he was Gabriel on Beauty and the Beast. What an actor. He's been doing genre stuff for a long, long time, going back to the sequel of Rosemary's Baby (also Starsky & Hutch but that doesn't count).
<>radio 4 voice<>David Collings as Legolas<>/radio 4 voice<>

(Gerard Murphy... is a National Theatre Player).
Yay for James and Felicia! More TV PTB please :D

But, Mark... Mmmm. He's my King whatever accent he chooses. He should do audio books, damn it! *flails at his acting and undertones*

I want a Crowley and Castiel show...
Brad Dourif! Where the hell was Brad Dourif? I would have put him number one. He didn't even get an honorable mention? Did he not make it because he has done so much movie work?

I agree on Mark Sheppard. He invigorates every show he appears on. I remembered him vividly from the first time I saw him, on Season One of The X-Files, as the guy who could control fire. I think my favorite thing I saw him in was BSG as Romo Lampkin. On a show filled with great actors he stole just about every scene he was in.

Big agreement with Simon on Garret Dillahunt. It isn't just that he is outstanding in anything he does, it is that his range is so immense. His two roles in DEADWOOD were just amazing. And I loved his transformation in TSCC.
I agree that Brad Dourif should be listed somewhere.

Mark Sheppard - I love Crowley on Supernatural. The episodes with him in it are always some of the best. Really nice to see Callen Keith Renne listed too, I'm sure I spelled it wrong but I see him in so many things and I fell in love with him in Battlestar Gallactica. Nice also to see Sabastian Roche listed, he was the best thing in Roar. I'm most likely spelling all their names wrong so I might as well go for the big on Zelenko - he is always excellent!

It's nice to see that other people notice the same actors I do.
They missed mentioning Felicia's role in the webseries "The Legend of Neil." (I know it's not strictly sci-fi, but if they include Buffy in the article, surely a show about getting sucked into a video game is list-worthy.)
Matt Frewer and Jodelle Ferland should be in the list, at least for always give me creeps, and Mayor Wilkins (Harry Groener ) had done several shows and movies.
Qingting, thus far SWORD haven't appeared much outside of the X-books, indeed the short-lived SWORD series was collected in a paperback with a big X-Men logo on the front cover. So I think it's something for the lawyers to quibble on, should it ever reach the big screen. (Which is what I suspect is what keeps Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch off it - are they X-Men characters, being mutants who were introduced there, or are they Avengers characters, given that's where they've appeared ever since?)

Fox's X-Men licence does seem to be pretty wide ranging - and it does cover characters like Wolverine and Madrox who appeared in other titles first (Hulk and Fantastic Four, respectively). So who knows?

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