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June 02 2011

Sideshow's Faith statue up for pre-order. Also, this exclusive version with interchangable arm.

This is the third in line, Buffy and Willow has already been released. Angel is said (I can't recall the source) to be in the works.

They called her "impish."


And she's technically the third Slayer.
She's technically the hundred/thousand-some-odd-th Slayer! But in the context of "Sunnydale isn't big enough for the 2 of them" she is the second Slayer...
In an unrelated complaint, I really hate that Willow statuette. Really? Freshman style Willow, but with the out-thrust bosomy-ness and the tight tight mini? Even the face is more sex kitten than accurate. Yuck. It's one thing to make the Faith statue all porn-y but that's just wrong.
aphasia She's the third - Buffy was drowned, and Kendra was called. Kendra was killed and Faith was called. Faith was the second active Slayer while there was already an active Slayer, but she was the third called in that generation.
You're all right.

She is the one-millionth-whatever slayer, the third slayer we got to know on the show, and for a while the "second" slayer alive(second as in not considered the best slayer by some).

Considering that Sideshow took the pose from a Season 8 cover, I wonder if they shouldn't have scratched the "numbering" all together, since season 8 had so many slayer, lol.

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