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June 02 2011

Amber Benson remixes 'Under Your Spell'. She did it to thank fans for posting 'Cat's Claw' reviews on Amazon.

That made me listen to the lyrics in a Whole New Way, I'm here to tell ya. ; >

Pre-ty sure this version is going to be stuck in my head for hours - it's oddly catchy.

And pretty sweet to thank her fan-folks w/ this - very indulgent of her. ; >
Ok that is totally freaking me out. Its like Aphex Twin mixed with mid nineties electropop or something. Punk rock version next!
Whoa. That was kind of trippy. Particularly liked the second half.
Nice. Amber is a great gal. Always looking out for us.
Ok, I know I'm a bad person, but hasn't she said it would be a video parody?
This was awesome!
This was horrible. You can barely understand what she's saying. Not too hard to make this on Garageband either...
I didn't like it either. There are some songs you shouldn't touch.
Hmm, I hear a little Madonna in the verses; some - well, kind of unintelligible choruses; and about two-thirds in I was reminded a bit of Tony Head's album with George Sarah (which Amber also sang a bit on).

Interesting, fun little experiment, by a woman of many talents, whose books I really should track down. (And a couple of her film productions interested me, too, come to think...)
My vote's for horrible.
Yeah, I wasn't impressed by this either. At least not the singing, which was unintelligible for the most part. The music was really strange. Like...Middle Eastern meets Techno with a bit of...disco.

And, really, why would she choose that song? It's a pretty significant song in the episode, means a lot to Willow/Tara fans, and is rather beautiful the way it was. (And her duet with Tony is fantastic.) Why couldn't she have picked...the Mustard Song? Or, if she wanted something Tara was in, why not "I've Got a Theory"?

LKW You really should get the Calliope Reaper-Jones series, and read them straight through in order. They're great, and a fun read. I can't wait for the fourth one to come out!

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